Bruce Campbell Just Shut Down A Conservative News Blog With One Tweet

Bruce Campbell is not a guy who usually wades into politics, but when a conservative news site utilized a makeup test from his Starz series Ash Vs. Evil Dead and tried passing it off as the aftermath of an attack on a Donald Trump supporter, he couldn’t let it go.

The website is Conservative Nation, which goes by the Twitter handle @Cons_Nation. The graphic photo, which you can see below, looks like liberals really did a number on the woman, and the site claims as much in its accompanying tweet.

Naturally, it set off a firestorm of tweets from shocked and terrified Trump supporters, with one claiming what a lot of people should have been claiming before sharing it with the world.

“OMG! Where and when did this happen? I have heard nothing about this!”

Well, there is a reason people have heard nothing about it — because it didn’t happen. And Bruce Campbell, to his credit, called the site out on it in the best way that he could have.

Surprisingly, the site continued to leave the image up even after “Ash” called them out on it, which only opened them up for further ridicule from the Twitterverse.

As of early Wednesday afternoon (June 8), there have been a number of mock tweet images posted, and even if you’re a Trump supporter, they’re kind of hilarious.

Most of them come with a similar disclaimer to what Conservative Nation shared — that “this is what happened when” a Trump supporter encountered a group of liberal protesters.

Only instead of showing actual photos from attacks on said supporters, the jokesters are sharing images like these.

You get the point.

Since then, a small group of Trump supporters has joined in the “fun” by posting a number of images that were from actual Trump rallies in which protesters did take some type of violent or threatening action against rally-goers.

Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have denounced the actions of said protesters while also condemning the rhetoric of Donald Trump.

With Bruce Campbell and his epic tweet, however, you don’t necessarily get a sense that he is backing any one specific candidate.

He merely did what so many of you feel compelled to do every day on social media — correct people for not investigating claims before sharing them as fact.

As for the young lady at the center of this controversy, Samara Weaving has a total of six feature films lined up throughout the end of this year and 2017, so if this was about a year from now, the hoax would be a bit more obvious.

Then again, it is the internet. People would probably still share it anyway.

What do you think of what Bruce Campbell did here, readers? Do you think that he will now become the target of right-wing Twitter users? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Image via Starz]

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