‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Visitors From Hope Brady’s Past Give Her Guidance Regarding Her Future

Wednesday brings a big episode for fans of Hope Brady and Days of Our Lives. Spoilers share that the June 8 show will be entirely focused on Hope as she looks to the past to get clarity on her future. What can everybody expect from this one?

Viewers already saw the first bit of this play out on Tuesday’s show as Hope headed off for some solitude so she could try to determine what to do about Aiden. While Hope has been happy in her relatively new relationship with Rafe, Aiden is being fairly assertive in trying to win her back, and she has been a bit torn.

At the end of Tuesday’s episode, Hope fell asleep and Bo, played again by Peter Reckell, appeared. Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that heading into Wednesday’s show, Hope spends some meaningful time with Bo in this dream or hallucination. In addition, as was previously detailed by the Inquisitr, there are others who have been meaningful in Hope’s life about to appear as well.

Actress Kristian Alfonso, who plays Hope, joked with TVLine that she calls Wednesday’s show the “Scrooge episode” because it seemingly plays out somewhat like Ebenezer Scrooge’s experience in the Charles Dickens’ story A Chrismas Carol. Hope’s heart was broken last winter when Bo came back to Salem and reunited with her but then died shortly after their reunion.

Now Hope gets a few moments with Bo once again, and Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that they will share some powerful and emotional moments with one another. Actor Peter Reckell, who has played Bo multiple times over the years, had previously teased that he was not necessarily entirely gone from the show, and fans are thrilled about these scenes ahead.

“Just imagine that you were given the opportunity to feel like you could hold someone that you loved so deeply and so purely one more time… There are certain moments in this episode that I felt were so Bo and Hope.”

In addition to Bo’s return during Hope’s emotional time of crisis, Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Joseph Mascolo will be making an appearance as Stefano DiMera. Hope killed Stefano over what she thought he did regarding Bo’s kidnapping, but she has since learned that she killed the wrong man. Will seeing Stefano again be able to give her some closure regarding his murder?

Viewers will also be seeing a bit of Larry Welch, once again played by Andrew Hyatt Masset. The last that Days of Our Lives fans saw of Larry, he had been killed in a car accident while he was trying to get away from Brady and Nicole. He had returned to Salem and kidnapped Hope, aiming to exact revenge against her for having left him. He was working with Nicole at this point, and he was angling to get revenge against both Victor and Bo. After being presumed dead in a prison break, he was truly killed in this accident. How will his return in Wednesday’s show impact Hope?

There is one more return touted in the Days of Our Lives spoilers that will definitely get fans buzzing. Bo and Hope’s son Zack was killed in an accident when his half-sister Chelsea, Bo’s surprise daughter with Billie Reed, hit him with a car. An aged Zack will appear in this episode, and fans will be anxious to check this one out.

Does Hope get the clarity she needs from this time alone at the cabin revisiting familiar faces from her past? Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that she will agree to a romantic dinner with Aiden during the coming week, details SheKnows Soaps. However, there is a lot that would need to happen before these two could start rebuilding a happy life with one another.

Tune into Wednesday’s episode to see the show focused entirely on Hope Brady and some of the key male figures from her past on Days of Our Lives. Where do you think she will head from here?

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