'Captain America 4,' 'Iron Man 4' Might Happen -- We Don't Know Yet, But The Potential Is There [Spoilers]

Captain America 4 and Iron Man 4 could be a possibility in the future of the MCU. The two Avengers don't really have an ending yet, as they both figuratively walked off into the sunset at the end of Captain America: Civil War. This article contains spoilers for Captain America: Civil War, alongside plenty of speculation, so be warned.

Add to this the fact that Iron Man will likely be appearing in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and it seems almost inevitable that Disney plans to keep the characters around for a while. Being the superhero who kicked off the MCU in 2008, Robert Downey, Jr. has allegedly even stated that he's getting tired of putting on the suit over and over. This doesn't mean he can't be recast or possibly hand over the mantle to someone else for a surprise reveal next time.


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The most likely way for Iron Man 4 to happen if Downey does give up the suit is to possibly hand it over to James Rhodes (Don Cheadle), as he remains nothing more than an inventor and consultant. Combine this with the possibility that we might see the real Mandarin next time and you have a nice complicated story to launch a new black Iron Man.

Captain America 4 could work the same way. While the comics have him rebooted as being secretly a Hydra agent, a parallel that would work after the events of Civil War, it might be seen as the ultimate sin and lose the character a lot of respect. However, if he hands the shield to James Barnes next time, it could be a very real possibility.

This could be a result of Chris Evans' Steve Rogers dying in the next one as a way of letting the actor retire.

Winter Soldier might turn Cap into a villain in Captain America 4 as Falcon ends up being the hero who stops him or finally fixes the Hydra brain-washing. A black-led Avengers team could easily help combat the accusations of "whitewashing" that the upcoming Doctor Strange is being accused of. If Falcon, James Rhodes' Iron Man, and Black Panther end up being the leaders alongside Black Widow and Scarlet Witch, the diversity could be a very positive thing for Hollywood. Add a female director and everybody is allegedly happy.

Marvel currently has no plans to make Steve Rogers gay or bisexual, though, as the internet has been pushing them to do. He and "Bucky" Barnes had been fellow soldiers in World War II, and Cap is highly duty-bound to always be there for a fellow soldier. There was nothing sexual about their relationship.

There has been no confirmation that Captain America 4 or Iron Man 4 will actually happen, though, as the two characters seem to be doing more cross-overs into other films, and the next Avengers will probably need them to fill out the massive roster of characters.

Anything beyond the Black Panther solo movie is mostly speculation, and Marvel could always change their mind and alter the upcoming film schedule. They already did that after what was considered a definitive timeline of release dates, meaning that nothing is really known until the movie goes into production.

What do you think will happen if Captain America 4 and Iron Man 4 come to theaters?

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