Calvin Harris Wants Taylor Swift Back, Planning A Grand Gesture To Win Her Heart [Report]

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris may only have announced their split last week, but Harris is allegedly already planning a grand gesture to win her back.

A new report by Hollywood Life is claiming that Harris is now second guessing his decision to break things off with Taylor and supposedly has big plans to win back Swift’s heart with a love song and a romantic vacation.

A source close to Harris alleged to the site this week that “Calvin is thinking of ways to maybe win back Taylor” following their surprising break-up, which the DJ confirmed on social media on June 1, and supposedly already has a few ideas up his sleeve on how he can get back together with Swift.

“[Harris] has considered writing her a love song or possibly whisking her away on another holiday,” Hollywood Life’s insider claimed of Calvin’s alleged romantic plans for Swift after their split.

“Their breakup was amicable,” the source continued, “but he can’t stop thinking about their last vacation together and all the good times they shared.”


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Reports claiming that Harris is planning a big gesture to win back Taylor in the wake of their pretty surprising split follows a previous report by Hollywood Life that claimed Calvin was “having second thoughts” about their break-up and was even contemplating a reconciliation with Taylor.

“Calvin has been having second thoughts about whether or not he wants to try to get back together with Taylor,” a source told the site earlier this week, claiming that Calvin “doesn’t want to look back years later and feel like Taylor is the one that got away.”

The site’s source also alleged that Calvin has had a “tough time getting Taylor off his mind” ever since they called it quits and is reportedly “struggling to forget her,” but he feels as though Swift “has moved on with life and hasn’t skipped a beat” following their split despite his supposed struggle to move on.

Calvin Harris Wants Taylor Swift Back, Planning A 'Grand Gesture' To Win Her Heart [Report]

Reports suggesting that Harris is now looking for ways to win back Taylor come just days after Entertainment Tonight reported that the break-up was not actually as amicable as it appeared, even claiming that Swift was talking about marrying the Scottish DJ just weeks before Calvin allegedly ended things.

According to a Taylor insider who spoke out about Swift’s break-up earlier this week, it was “100 percent” Calvin who broke things off with Swift, as Taylor was actually “talking about marrying him” just a few weeks before the split news came to light.

The site’s report came shortly after Calvin confirmed his and Swift’s break-up on social media, tweeting out on June 1, “The only truth here is that a relationship came to an end & what remains is a huge amount of love and respect.”

Friendly relations between Scotland and America. @calvinharris

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Neither Swift nor Calvin have officially confirmed or denied reports suggesting that he was the one that ended things, but it sounds like Taylor will have a whole lot of material for her next album in the wake of the surprising split.

A source revealed to Hollywood Life this week that Swift is already getting to work on new music, putting her Calvin Harris heartbreak into song for her next album.

“Taylor will definitely be writing songs about this heartbreak and the end of the relationship,” an insider told the site of Swift’s plans to put pen to paper. “She knows it’s a cliché, but this is who Taylor is. She drowns her heartbreak in music. She expresses all her feelings in songs until she can move on.”

What do you think of reports claiming that Calvin Harris is looking for ways to win back Taylor Swift following their break-up?

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