David Duke: Wolf Blitzer And The Rest Of The ‘Vicious Jews’ Behind Trump University Controversy

David Duke, avid Donald Trump supporter and former leader of the infamous radical Christian group the Ku Klux Klan, has recently come out on his daily radio show, The David Duke Show, with what may be his most ridiculous Trump-defending claim yet: that Wolf Blitzer is leading a massive “army of Jews” who plant lies in the media in order to reflect negatively on Trump, and Trump is completely justified in making racist remarks about the Mexican judge in his court case.

Many people are aware of the widespread idea that Jewish people head up the media. Whether this is true or not is up for debate, but David Duke takes the theory one step further by ranting about “the powerful Jewish establishment that dominates international banking and finance, that dominates media, and dominates our political system.”

Duke and the guests on his show go on to claim that “the Jewish establishment knows all about psychology,” and insisted that CNN’s “Jewish extremist” president Jeff Zucker has successfully brainwashed news anchors such as Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper.

Fox, which David Duke said is also a Jewish brainwashing cult, has recruited Jewish anchor Chris Wallace and “shabbat goy shiksa Megyn Kelly.” Kelly is not Jewish, Duke admits, but he explains that “they love to have some gentile — they don’t always want all the Jews out front.”

For those not familiar with the whole Trump University kerfuffle, Donald essentially started a for-profit and illegitimate “university” several years ago. He was later exposed and taken to court for his phony business practices, and he recently made some unjustifiable remarks about the ethnicity of the judge in the case, who is not on Trump’s side of things.

Now, Donald Duke is saying the remarks were only natural, calling the judge prejudiced and laughing at his accreditations.

“You couldn’t even imagine someone being a member of the European-American National Bar Association. In fact there isn’t one, it wouldn’t be allowed. That would be called ‘racist,’” Duke argues.

David Duke continues that the media’s defense of the anti-Trump judge is inexcusable, again attacking the Jewish “opposition.”

“It’s very illustrative of the Jewish tribal nature. They’re like a pack of wild dogs.”

“They go after someone who they see as a threat to the Jewish agenda, as the neocons see Trump as a threat.”

If you cannot tell, David Duke’s rant is all over the place, hopping back and forth from Jews to Mexicans, peppered with all kinds of other racist comments, and many publications covering the story agree Duke’s arguments are widely baseless.

Demonizing and blaming both the Jewish and Mexican communities is nothing new for David Duke, who just earlier this month called the Jewish American population “a real problem” that is “the reason America is not great,” according to news source Forward. Duke is also a huge supporter of Trump’s plan to build a wall along the Mexican border and have the Mexican government pay for it.

This may be a new extreme even for him, though.

Although Donald Trump has tried many times to disassociate himself from the much-despised David Duke, who says Trump’s views are similar to his own, Duke keeps coming out in his support. You can’t shake him that easily, Donald!

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[Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images]