‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Won’t Let Vixen’s Other Commitments Slow Them Down

This fall, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will be returning for a second season on CW, and according to TV Insider, the character Vixen will be joining the show as a regular.

But it appears that the Legends of Tomorrow producers are thinking outside the box with the character as the actor Megalyn E.K., who played Vixen on another DC-owned show Arrow, would have been a perfect fit.

And for the most part she is, were it not for the fact that Megalyn’s career is blowing up but will not be able to fit Legends of Tomorrow into her schedule.

Producers of Legends of Tomorrow will be creative with Vixen casting

In fact, the article says that they’re going to fix that with a time travel story line that will not only have someone else playing the role but have a different Vixen altogether as well.

Imagine a generational superhero set up similar to Mystery Men mixed in with a tactic that every other movie or television show uses to solve a story line problem with time travel.

Even though this is the case, voice-over work isn’t as difficult as being present onscreen, so Megalyn will still be voicing the character on the animated series in her pajamas.

This apparently hasn’t solved all of the problems they were hoping for as there are fans who are dealing with getting what they can from the show, because in the comments section of the article, there’s a sense of a lack of diversity, as saying that the Legends of Tomorrow ads are misleading.

“They had one job, to deliver an interesting character named Vixen. And now they’re introducing a second one without getting rid of the other. Listen, using time-travel, we can actually have a Vixen team-up now.”

Could this mean that the Legends of Tomorrow producers are leaving it open should Megalyn’s schedule be freed up?

The Vixen character, which was created in 1981 for Action Comics, is the superhero alter-ego of character Mari McCabe who is a businesswoman and model who, with the help of a certain totem, acquires the powers of the animal kingdom.

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Besides the Legends of Tomorrow series, the character has been in various comics, animated projects, and DC franchises that have already gone to the big screen like Suicide Squad which is being released this summer.

But there is no indication that she will be in the upcoming movie.

Legends of Tomorrow is the series equivalent to Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD which is on a different network and only a year younger.

Much like the time-travel spin which is normally put on similar story lines, programs such as Legends of Tomorrow are also able to incorporate spin-off characters from other shows and movies.

For instance, one DC-related show from FOX is Lucifer, which has been green-lit for a second season, according to the Inquisitr, while there is some demand for a character from another show called Constantine, also owned by the same comic company, which got canceled and was on a third separate network.

That, however, didn’t prevent CW from casting the lead to make an appearance in their Arrow program.

Megalyn E.K. has apparently already wrapped with Damien and is currently working on Step Sisters, The Middle, and How To Get Away With Murder along with other upcoming films and series.

Now that Legends of Tomorrow has made it through its first season with the network, it can join the ranks of other programs as the mentioned Arrow, Supergirl, iZombie, and The Flash.

[Image via The CW]