Marie Reyes Says Taylor Garrett Made Up LeeAnne Locken Poop Story After Watching Bethenny Frankel

Karen de Wilde

Things were dramatic, to say the least, on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. During the group's stay in Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman's Austin vacation home, LeeAnne Locken actually threatened to kill Marie Reyes. LeeAnne was infuriated at Marie because she believed her to be the one who told Taylor Garrett a very embarrassing story about her. Was Marie really the one who told Taylor, who then blabbed to Brandi and Stephanie, that LeeAnne once pooped in her pants?

During the episode, Marie maintained that she was innocent. During an interview with AfterBuzz TV after the episode aired on Monday night, Marie continued to proclaim her innocence. According to her, Taylor, wanting to make an impression on Brandi and Stephanie, made up the story. It just so happened that the story Taylor told closely resembled what actually happened in real life.

"No. I didn't [tell Taylor the poop story]. No. It didn't come from me. If you guys remember, earlier in the season, Taylor makes a statement, 'Marie told me a story that LeeAnne pooped her pants one time.' And then tonight, obviously you saw the clip on the van where Brandi says, 'Well at least I didn't s**t in a bag in the back of a car.' So there was a very, very distinct, you know, story that happened 13 years ago that, you know, included those facts. Taylor was trying to entertain Brandi and Stephanie, like the poop girls, with something funny and when they pressed him for details he was like, 'Um let me get back to you.' He did not know the story and he's come on, he did one of the Periscope [sessions] with me, where he apologized to me for getting me in that mess and, you know, basically saying he was trying to be funny and it backfired. He thought it would be cute actually to have that story get back to LeeAnne via Brandi and watch LeeAnne chop Brandi's head off."
"Well I asked him that and he said...he had never seen Real Housewives before and he pulled up an episode, I guess Bethenny Frankel pees in a bucket in her wedding dress?...He told me that was where he came up with the idea..."

"Actually she pooped in a basket...It was a gift basket."
"The story does get told but it gets told by Tiffany...Afterwards, Brandi and Stephanie came forward and said, 'No, no. Tiffany told us that story.' So I can blame Tiffany because Brandi and Stephanie flat out told me that Tiffany told them the story."
"Peeing in a solo cup is one of my hidden talents and I'm sure I will do it again some day. LeeAnne's reaction was ridiculous considering her poop in a bag story. I actually didn't believe LeeAnne when she denied it because Tiffany had already confirmed the story. So, all I could think was whatever, poopy pants!"
"On the way to Austin the 'LeeAnne Locken pooping in a bag' story came up. After Taylor told us, Brandi Redmond and I ran over to Tiffany Hendra to get the story and she just asked, 'How did you hear that?' LeeAnne, however, appeared to be embarrassed when it came up so we dropped it."
"And then she said she was going to buy dog food at Taylor's store and claim her dog died and tell everybody on social [media] so that he would be in, you know, bankruptcy."

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