‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Chloe Is Back In The Mix Of Things, What Lies Ahead For Her And What Surprising Connection Does She Make?

Days of Our Lives spoilers revealed some time ago that Nadia Bjorlin was set to return to Salem for an extended period of time, and this return is finally about to kick into gear. Until now, there had not been any concrete scoop floating around about how Chloe was brought back into the mix of things. However, some tantalizing tidbits have now emerged, and it looks like some interesting twists and turns are on the way.

The last that viewers saw of Deimos, he had fallen into the river after Kate confronted him and left him injured. Kate is setting Nicole up to take the fall, and she is coordinating with Aiden to make it look like she had already married Deimos so she can scoop up the Kiriakis fortune. However, Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that he is still alive and soon he will be crossing paths with Chloe.

Wednesday’s episode of Days of Our Lives is focused solely on Hope as she takes some quiet time to reflect on her past and consider her future. According to spoilers from We Love Soaps, there will be some drama between Kate and Nicole on Thursday’s show, and then Friday’s episode brings more with Deimos, and it is also the day where Nadia Bjorlin first reappears as Chloe.


Deimos will be making a call for help, and Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that his reappearance is surprisingly tied to Chloe popping back into the mix of things. Viewers will have to tune in to the June 10 show to see how this plays out, but as Serial Scoop details, Chloe and Deimos will be crossing paths.

It seems viewers will learn that Chloe and Philip have been in contact while she was in Chicago, and while it is not clear just how she connects to Deimos, the buzz is that his supposed death will be key to her return to Salem. Executive producer Ken Corday teases Days of Our Lives spoilers that Bjorlin’s character will be a major player in the episodes ahead and that this time, her return to Salem is a lengthy, ongoing one.


According to the Days of Our Lives spoilers from Days Cafe, Chloe somehow is the one who saves Deimos and she will be taking care of him at her place for a while. The investigation into his supposed death will continue in Salem, and teasers indicate that nobody will have any inkling about his survival for a bit yet.

How far will Kate’s set-up of Nicole for the supposed murder go before Deimos reveals that he is still alive? Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Andre will get involved in this twisted scenario soon as well, and this summer should be full of shockers on this front.


What will fans think of this storyline where Chloe ends up helping Deimos as Kate and Nicole battle over the situation in Salem? As many have suspected, it sounds as if Chloe and Philip will be heading toward a reunion in the weeks ahead. However, given the news that Theresa will be leaving a bit later in the year, Days of Our Lives fans wonder if there could be some fresh sparks flying between Chloe and Brady as well. At whatever point Deimos does return to Salem, viewers can bet that he will be hopping mad and that Kate will be in a world of trouble.

Are you anxious to see Nadia Bjorlin return? Stay tuned for additional Days of Our Lives spoilers as the paths of Chloe and Deimos cross, and the stage is set for some heavy-duty summertime drama in Salem.

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