Jamie Lee Curtis Attends ‘Warcraft’ Premiere In Stunning Cosplay

Jamie Lee Curtis is not involved in the Warcraft movie, but that didn’t stop her from going all out at the movie’s premiere in Hollywood. The Scream Queens actress appeared in full cosplay mode as one of the video game’s orcs last night.

Curtis attended the Warcraft premiere with her son, who also dressed up as a World of Warcraft character. Both mother and son posed for photos on the red carpet for photographers and with other cosplay fans who were decked out in full Warcraft costumes, as shown on Curtis’ Twitter account.

Curtis wore a large headdress and a dark red and black gown, complete with a large cape and walking cane modeled after a game item. What really made Curtis stand out is her green body make-up that covered her face and neck to complete her look as the game’s shaman.

Jamie Lee Curtis and son, Warcraft movie premiere, Jamie Lee Curtis cosplay
Jamie Lee Curtis and son [Photo by Richard Shotwell/AP Images]
Curtis’ son wore a mainly black battle armor and helmet of an orc warrior. He was also covered with green make-up and carried a very large hammer.

Curtis and her son recorded a short clip of themselves shouting the name Leeroy Jenkins, who is a famous character in the World of Warcraft game. The character, created by player Ben Schulz, is famous for screaming out his own name before charging mindlessly into game battle.

While movie fans associate Jamie Lee Curtis for her many roles in horror movies such as the Halloween franchise, the original 1980s films Prom Night and The Fog, and the 1981 movie, Roadgames, Curtis herself is a major fan of World of Warcraft, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG.)

Last night’s Warcraft premiere is not the first time that Curtis showed up in public in cosplay. Curtis has attended previous comic conventions in full incognito mode as various video game characters.

Back in July 2015, Curtis attended the Evolution Championship Series (EVO) with her family so she and her son could watch the game tournament in peace. The family dressed up in various Tekken and Street Fighter characters, while Curtis donned a decorated white mask to cover her identity.

It was after the tournament ended that Curtis revealed to her Twitter followers that she attended EVO in secret. The actress stated in the caption that the tournament was a graduation gift for her son.

In November 2015, Curtis went incognito again at Blizzard Entertainment’s BlizzCon. The game publisher is behind the World of Warcraft franchise, so Curtis dressed up as an undead Forsaken character from the famous MMORPG.

Curtis’ cosplay for her undead character required a lot more makeup than her Street Fighter’s Vega character. Curtis displayed before-and-after images on her Twitter after BlizzCon ended and praised the comic convention.

Jamie Lee Curtis talked about her love for video games in a 2015 Fox News interview while promoting the movie, Spare Parts. The actress mentioned that she got hooked on playing games through her son’s video game hobby.

While Curtis and her son went all out on their respective orcs’ cosplay, Warcraft director Duncan Jones made sure that the quality of the movie’s production design and story material remained faithful to World of Warcraft as much as possible. Jones hopes to please both the game’s fan base and the fantasy action movie fans with the popcorn flick.

Blizzard Entertainment had been trying to have a movie based on World of Warcraft developed for nearly 10 years, according to Game Rant. Jones, who is also a big fan of the game, signed on as director and worked with Blizzard scribe Chris Metzen to create a plot that remains faithful to the game’s roots and hopefully inspire a new movie franchise for the future.

Warcraft will debut in movie theaters on June 10.

[Photo by Richard Shotwell/AP Images]

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