Final Fantasy Versus XIII Still In Development, Wada Says

For the past several years, the fate of Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been uncertain at best. We’ve seen next to nothing in the way of gameplay — or just about any other form of media — and there were even recent rumors that development on the spin-off had been cancelled.

Fortunately for those of you that were looking forward to the game, it looks like development is still on.

At the event, as reported by blogger Marshal Alloc (via Kotaku), Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada briefly touched on Versus XII, saying:

“I cannot say any more than, ‘We are making Versus!’ Please wait a little longer.”

At Square Enix’s recent 25th anniversary event in Japan, attendees received a pamphlet with a drawing of Noctis, Final Fantasy Versus XIII‘s protagonist, as drawn by the famed Tetsuya Nomura. The art also includes a line of text which reads, “Please wait for his turn!”

Admittedly, the art may not be new. The FF-Union community member who spotted the art said as much in a follow-up tweet.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII was first revealed way back in 2006 at E3 alongside Final Fantasy XIII. In the time since its announcement, Square Enix has put out Final Fantasy XIII and a follow-up sequel, Final Fantasy XIII-2.

The game was originally announced as a PlayStation 3 exclusive, but, considering that Square Enix has basically said nothing new of the game in the past several years, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Final Fantasy Versus XIII could also be headed to other platforms.