‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Prequel Comic Book Series, Shock Death Of Director, And What Really Happened At The Disastrous Reunion

Sons of Anarchy, the celebrated cult hit television show, had been portraying America’s love affair with biker gangs since its inception in 2008 until the end of Season 7. And even though fans had to bid adieu to the roaring of the SAMCRO motorcycles, the influence of the notorious outlaw motorcycle club still lingers on.

Fans of the FX drama, who have been nothing short of outraged that the show was canceled before they could have a Season 8, will be somewhat satiated to learn that a new comic book series named Sons of Anarchy: Redwood Original will soon be released.

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— Lynley Wayne (@LynleyWayne) May 21, 2016

According to Movie News Guide, the comic series will serve as a sequel to the TV series Sons of Anarchy and will be based on the character Jax Teller, who has to not only cope with his father’s death but also has to find a way to survive in the hyper-masculine world of biker gangs.

In the new Sons of Anarchy comic book series, Jax Teller has to prove his worth by being a terrific leader to his fellow club members while confronting those who aim to destroy his motorcycle club, all the while taking on these challenges in the absence of a father-figure or a mentor.

The comic book series Sons of Anarchy: Redwood Original will also feature popular characters from the television series, including Gemma Morrow, Clay Morrow, and Opie Winston. The story will be written by Ollie Masters and the script will be brought to life by Luca Pizzari, the illustrator who has worked on Marvel’s Blacklist and Red Skull. The series will be published by Boom! Studios and is set to hit stores on August 3, 2016.

According to Cinema Blend, this will be the second comic series from the Sons of Anarchy franchise that will be published by Boom! Studios.

Previously, the publisher published 25 issues in the first Sons of Anarchy comic book series that started in 2013. The 25 issues covered the stories that were featured in Season 5 and Season 6. Additionally, this is the first time that the prequel to the television show is due to be released in print format, even though there are rumors about an upcoming television series which focuses on the story of the First 9 and the founding of SAMCRO. And fans will be thrilled if these rumors turn out to be true as they have been waiting eagerly a Sons of Anarchy prequel or a spin-off.

In other news, Sons of Anarchy fans were anxiously awaiting the three-day Space City Comic Con that was scheduled for May 27-29, 2016, where a highly anticipated Sons of Anarchy reunion was scheduled to be held. Apart from attending the reunion, fans were told that the Sons of Anarchy cast members would make themselves available to sign autographs and spend time chatting with fans. And it wasn’t just the cast members that were scheduled to turn up for the reunion, but the entire cast along with the creator and the producer.

The attendance of the entire crew in the midst of their busy schedules gave rise to much speculation that creator Kurt Sutter was planning on making some kind of announcement at the convention, which had Sons of Anarchy fans waiting on the edge of their seats.

But in a turn of events that nobody predicted, it appears that the organizer of the reunion was pulling a huge scam — not just on those attending the comic con, but on the Sons of Anarchy cast and crew as well. Bleeding Cool reported in detail about what happened at the event, wherein Charlie Hunnam and other Sons of Anarchy cast and crew members found that their hotel rooms had not been paid for and that the checks they had been issued in advance were due to be drawn on a bank account that had been closed.

The cast of Sons of Anarchy who had been booked to appear at the comic con realized that they were not going to be paid for their time, and it initially looked as if the entire reunion was set to be canceled.

In the end, several of the Sons of Anarchy cast members decided to stay and participate in the scheduled panel, photo opportunities, and autograph signings so that they wouldn’t disappoint their fans, even though they were confident at this point that they were not going to be paid.

The Bleeding Cool article caught the attention of Charlie Hunnam himself, who issued a statement to his fans via the website.

Based on the Sons of Anarchy star’s statement, as well as the comments of many attendees who had paid a lot of money to have the opportunity to meet with their favorite Sons of Anarchy stars, it sounds like the cast and crew went above and beyond what they might reasonably have been expected to do, simply so as to not disappoint their fans.

And in other disappointing news for Sons of Anarchy fans and crew members, 10 News reported that 53-year-old David Hallinan, the assistant director of Sons of Anarchy, was found dead at the base of a waterfall in California’s Sequoia National Park.

The director was said to be on a hiking trip when he died due to blunt force trauma. The news came as a shock for the cast and crew of Sons of Anarchy.

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