Attention Beliebers: Justin Bieber Is Spending More Time With His Fans And Mom

Justin Bieber and his mother, Pattie Mallette, got pedicures together, along with a friend on Monday (June 6). The Biebs has also been spending more time with fans. More on that below.

The 22-year-old and his mom enjoyed a pampering session at a nail salon in Malibu, California, along with the superstar’s pal, singer Khalil Sharieff.

At some point during the outing, the “Sorry” singer shared a photo taken at the spa, which he captioned “Moms and k.”

Check out the pic below.

Moms and k

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The R&R day out comes just a few weeks after Mallette and her mother and stepfather (Diane and Bruce Lane) attended two of Justin’s Purpose World Tour concerts during his week-long run in Canada last month.

Rewinding further, the first sighting of Pattie with her son in months was at his Staples Center Los Angeles show in March.

“What a great show @justinbieber!!!!” Mallette tweeted post-concert.

In an interview with Billboard magazine last November, Bieber described his relationship with his mother as “non-existing” and blamed the situation on his well-documented difficult time during 2013-14.

“I was distant because I was ashamed,” Justin admitted. “I never wanted my mom to be disappointed in me and I knew she was. We spent some time not talking, so it takes time to rebuild that trust.”

However, despite sensationalist media headlines at the time claiming Bieber and Mallette “reunited” at the Staples Centers show, it’s highly likely the pair spoke during the time they were not seen together.

Pedicures weren’t the only item on Bieber’s to-do-list. While having lunch at Malibu’s celebrity hotspot Nobu, the singer thrilled a family when he asked permission to hold the baby girl and posed for a few pics at the eatery.

In a caption alongside an adorable photo of the Biebs and the baby (Nikki), Instagram user @mel99a revealed she was the baby’s aunt and that the singer introduced himself to her sister.

She wrote, “It’s never to early to have #bieberfever! My niece Nikki met JB today at Nobu Malibu.. Cutest pic ever! @justinbieber @agneta_ella.”

Replying to an inquiring Justin Bieber fan, @mel99a added, “he came up to my sister n asked if he could hold her. He loved her! Didn’t wanna give her back lol. He’s too cute!” before reposting the Grammy winner’s pic of the pair and adding her own effusive hashtags.

Justin captioned his black-and-white post of the baby and him, writing, “My daughter… [with numerous ellipsis] Just kidding.”

Another sweet snapshot of the pair surfaced online.

Justin Bieber spotted out in Malibu, California today. (June 6)

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News of the Biebs’ spontaneous hangout will likely shock those who thought he was done taking selfies with fans after he declared last month (May 10) that he felt “like a zoo animal” when some fans refused to acknowledge him while wielding smartphones.

His decision was reportedly brought to a head by at least two encounters with unpleasant fans and members of the public aggressively demanding photos during his Boston tour stop amid growing instances of harassment in his private life.

However, as it turns out, Bieber’s new “no photos” policy doesn’t mean he isn’t up for chatting and hugging fans who are respectful and who agree not to take photos or film these interactions. In fact, in recent weeks the singer has broken his own “no photos” rule many times.

Two days after his announcement, while in Canada ahead of performing, the singer struck up a conversation with a female regular in a family pub in Ottawa who had her baby son with her. The Biebs asked the woman if he could hold the baby and subsequently did.

The new mother took to Facebook two days later to address critics and rave about how Bieber was “[a] respectful and chilled young gentleman.”

Then, on May 21, the day before the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, a fan named Sarah Weaver claimed via her social media accounts that Bieber hugged her when she asked. She didn’t have a photo of the moment, which suggests she didn’t hassle him for a selfie.

Three days later, Justin chatted with a male fan in a Target store in West Hollywood and hugged a female fan.

Justin spotted in Target in West Hollywood, California. (May 24)

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The Biebs also spent time meeting fans when he popped over to Monaco for the Grand Prix over Memorial Day Weekend.

Fast forward to June 6, the day Bieber met baby Nikki, a fan who happened to be at Nobu snapped a photo of the moment he spoke to the baby’s mother and asked to hold the little girl. The fan later tweeted that when the singer saw her again, he hugged and kissed her.

Bieber also stopped and greeted another a young girl called Maia outside at Nobu on Monday.

The girl’s mother subsequently tweeted the pop star, writing, @justinbieber thanks for taking the time to say hi to my daughter outside Nobu! She was so happy. You’re a top guy.”

On Tuesday Bieber jetted to Colorado. A school teacher later tweeted that she chatted with him and noted how pleasant the singer was.

Bieber’s latest baby picture and ongoing pre-Purpose Tour show visits with children in the Make-A-Wish program indicates he will continue to make time for the vulnerable among his fans and those who are respectful. It’s worth noting he has taken countless impromptu selfies and stopped for fans in his downtime throughout his career.

Now that Bieber has set much-needed boundaries with his fans, who he says are often overwhelming, it’s likely his spontaneous meets with Beliebers will increase if they realize the singer wants a basic level of privacy in his day to day life, and that he has the right to say “No” when he needs to. In short: Be chill.

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