Lady Gaga Vogue Cover Extremely Retouched [Video]

John Stegeman

Lady Gaga wears an electric purple Marc Jacobs dress on the cover of a recent Vogue magazine, but it has been revealed that the photo has been extremely retouched.

On the cover she looks very thin, clean, and very composed, but a new video (screenshot above) from the shoot shows she wasn't looking quite as good as the cover suggests.

The Sun reports that Lady Gaga seemed proud of the altered photo when she leaked it to fans earlier this month.

"“I’m a COVER GIRL, and it's FAB,” she wrote.

The New York Post reports that Lady Gaga's "bright purple Marc Jacobs gown looks bulkier and unflattering. You’ll find that her hair looks nothing like the styled mane on the cover but instead a bleached, frizzy nest. Lastly, Gaga’s face is strong-featured and expressive in the picture, instead of the stoic nonchalance seen in the montage."

Yahoo blog Shine describes Lady Gaga's hair in the video as "not so much a halo, but instead what would happen if an angel stuck her finger in a light socket."

The blog also asked an important question. With all the concerns over body image in today's world, if you're going to touch up a photo so dramatically, why use a photo at all when the same effect could be created as an illustration?

Check out the video of Lady Gaga's Vogue cover photo shoot below.

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