Roger Clinton, Hillary Clinton's Brother-In-Law, Arrested For DUI [Breaking News]

Roger Clinton, half-brother of Bill Clinton and brother-in-law of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, has been arrested in California for DUI or driving under the influence. Clinton refused all testing, so his bail is higher than usual. Roger Clinton's arrest comes just two days before the California primary that would help Hillary Clinton clinch the Democratic nomination for the presidential race. Roger Clinton has long been considered the black sheep of the Clinton family, and this is not his first run-in with the law.

According to the Inquisitr, the Clinton campaign has been trying to distance itself from other sketchy people connected to Bill Clinton, like Clinton's friend, Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted pedophile. The Clinton campaign has taken money from Epstein, but at least during the campaign, Hillary Clinton has requested that her husband, Bill Clinton, keep a distance from Epstein, who has had Clinton as a guest several times on his private plane. Epstein was convicted of having sex with underaged girls, and also taking girls out of the country for sexual purposes like orgies with his friends in the Caribbean.

KTLA is reporting that Roger Clinton was arrested in Redondo Beach, California, on Sunday night just after 7 p.m. following a call from a concerned citizen that someone was driving out of control. The call reported that there was someone driving in an erratic manner on Pacific Coast Highway, and they were concerned. Police caught up with Roger Clinton at Torrance Boulevard and South Prospect Avenue.

Roger Clinton was evaluated and arrested on suspicion of DUI, according to Lt. Joe Hoffman, who also said that Clinton refused a blood test or a breathalyzer.

"If he had completed a chemical test, his bail would have been lower and citation would have been an option."
The Washington Post says that Roger Clinton is remembered as a party boy who was arrested for cocaine while Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas. Back in the 80s, Roger Clinton tried to sell cocaine to an undercover police officer, and was arrested, and spent a year in prison.

On the day that Bill Clinton left office, he pardoned his brother, Roger, so Roger Clinton no longer had a criminal record, but yesterday's arrest was not Roger Clinton's first DUI since. In 2001, Roger Clinton was arrested for his first DUI since the pardon. After that, Bill Clinton bought Roger Clinton a home out in the Los Angeles area. Roger Clinton has on a few occasions taken money from businessmen in order to "smooth over" proposals, like one to build houses in earthquake country in Haiti.

People Magazine says that Roger Clinton will appear in court today, and is expected to be released on $15,000 bail. People confirms that Roger Clinton would not agree to any testing. In the last few years, Roger Clinton has been keeping a fairly low profile, but this arrest just days before the California primary where Hillary Clinton will go up against Bernie Sanders is bad timing for the Clinton campaign.

In the past, Roger Clinton has been investigated for a number of things, including taking money to try to secure pardons from his brother, Bill Clinton. Roger Clinton was supposedly trying to "cash in" on Bill Clinton's last days in office. Roger Clinton claimed that having a brother who is in office has been hard on him.

"I don't have a choice of being first brother. It's not like I've been given the option of doing it and I could turn it down. There are times when it's hard."
Roger Clinton's code name with the Secret Service was "Headache."
Roger Clinton will likely be released today, but the case against him will not be wrapped up for weeks to come.

Do you think that Roger Clinton's arrest will hurt Hillary Clinton?

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