‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Another Cast Member Departure Is Confirmed, What Is Known So Far About The Change Ahead?

Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that there are more departures from Salem ahead, and one rumor that had been swirling has now been confirmed. There are shake-ups on the way with both arrivals and departures, and DOOL fans are quite curious to see how this will all come together. What’s the latest?

Reports recently emerged detailing that Jen Lilley was leaving Days of Our Lives, and now the actress herself has confirmed the news. The actress posted to her Instagram page confirming the reports that she is soon leaving the role of Theresa Donovan. Lilley notes that she finds it to be bittersweet that she is confirming this six months too soon, and she details that she loves the character of Theresa.

It is with bittersweet sentiment that I find myself making this statement 6 months too soon. First, I would like to say your comments, support, and well wishes regarding my recent departure from the iconic daytime drama, Days of Our Lives, have melted my heart. Second, I have never enjoyed playing a character so much. I absolutely love Theresa, and the idea of not playing her pains me. I once found a quote that perfectly describes her, “She’s a mess of gorgeous chaos, you can see it in her eyes.” Exploring Theresa, from her insecurities to her strengths, from her tendency to deflect emotional anguish with comedy to her firecracker spirit has been pure joy. I hate to dissatisfy our love for black and white explanations, but there’s no one to point your finger at here. Days of Our Lives and I are parting company on the best of terms. It came down to time and the sacrifices required to keep Theresa on the front burner. Given the demanding production schedule a soap requires, that just wasn’t possible with the other commitments and opportunities I wanted to pursue. As we all know in the world of soaps, good bye for now isn’t always good bye forever, who knows what the future has in store for Theresa. I am taking time right now to be with my family, advance the charitable causes I believe in, and pursue additional career opportunities. While I've missed so many moments in my family's lives back east, I have built a west coast family at Days of Our Lives, and they haven't seen the last of me! I'll be stopping by the set from time to time with baked goods and bear hugs. Lastly, cheer up! There are 6 more wonderful months of Theresa to enjoy. And I can honestly say that each month, the storyline gets better! My exit will have you on the edge of your seat, laughing, crying, cheering, screaming, clapping, and bewildered. And to the Theresa’s out there: I love you, I love you, I love you. You are not alone. You are beautiful and worthy of love and happiness and joy and success! May my storyline over the next six months inspire you.

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Jen also adds that there is no black-and-white explanation for her departure, and she says that she remains on the best of terms with those at Days of Our Lives. However, she had other opportunities she wished to pursue and that was difficult given the filming schedule for DOOL. While Lilley may be leaving the role of Theresa for now, she says that the door will remain open for a possible return down the road.

It seems that Lilley has wrapped up filming her final scenes as Theresa, which means that the actress should be seen on-screen in the role until December or so. There had been some speculation swirling that Days of Our Lives might kill off Theresa, especially in the wake of spoilers that Patsy Pease and Charles Shaughnessy will be back on the show later this year. As Daytime Confidential details, Kimberly Brady and Shane Donovan will be back in Salem in connection with Theresa’s departure, but it seems the show has created a different way to have the character leave town rather than kill her off.

Daytime Confidential first broke the news of Lilley’s impending departure, and they noted that the spoiler emerged in the wake of Kirsten Storms’ upcoming break from the role of Maxie on General Hospital. While there had apparently been some talk of Lilley stepping into the role, as she had done in the past, ultimately another Days of Our Lives veteran will take the gig. Storms will be gone from the show for a brief bit and Molly Burnett, who played Melanie on DOOL, will take over for Kirsten.

These days, the characters of Theresa and Brady are engaged, but their relationship has been facing some challenges thanks to Summer. Previous reports have detailed that Summer will be leaving Salem as well, but a final air date for that character has not yet been revealed. Will Summer’s departure and Theresa’s be connected? The timelines don’t seem to jive in a way that works on that front, but additional Days of Our Lives spoilers should emerge soon to help pin things down.


The character of Theresa has certainly been through a lot during her time in Salem, and the show has managed to redeem her after making that seem almost impossible. Having Brady and Theresa together thrills some and bores others, so many Days of Our Lives viewers will be curious to see what comes next for Brady given Lilley’s departure. Nadia Bjorlin is returning in the role of Chloe soon, and many were figuring that she would end up connecting with Philip again. However, if both Philip and Brady end up being available, fans may see this complicated dynamic shake things up once again.

In addition to Lilley leaving Days of Our Lives, Kate Mansi is leaving the role of Abigail Deveraux. Mansi’s last air date is June 24, and actress Marci Miller will begin airing as Abby this fall. Viewers have also heard that Martha Madison and Brandon Beemer are reportedly departing as Belle and Shawn, but as Daytime Confidential has detailed, there may have been some shifts in that plan. Freddie Smith is soon returning as Sonny Kiriakis, and this summer should have plenty of emotional moments playing out as these changes hit.

Are you disappointed to hear that Jen Lilley is leaving Days of Our Lives and the role of Theresa Donovan? How do you think the show should handle her departure?

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