Kate Middleton Pregnant? Duchess Wants ‘Three Kids Close In Age’

Is Kate Middleton pregnant? Are Prince George and Princes Charlotte going to have a brother or sister? This may happen sooner than you think!

In a recent report by Vanity Fair, which provided an inside scoop on the royals sequestered home in Norfolk, England, the possibility of the duke and the duchess extending the family tree was mentioned. Rumors have been swirling around Prince William and Princess Kate’s set of Cambridge friends that the family doesn’t plan on waiting too much longer before attempting to have another child. An inside source from amongst the royals gave more insight on this possibility.

“They want at least three kids and for them to be close in age,” shared a source.

Kate Middleton pregnant rumors have been a hot topic for several months. In April, it was rumored that Kate Middleton and William were pregnant with twins. According to a report by Life & Style, the royal couple was “totally shocked when they found out” and both burst out “laughing and crying” upon discovering they were going to be parents of twins. However, it turns out this rumor was a farce. Still, the rumor mill only continues to churn.

kate middleton pregnant with third child?
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While the initial Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors ended up being false, many began to wonder why the duchess wasn’t having another child just yet. Celeb Dirty Laundry took a stab at cracking the code. The online publication recently speculated that the duchess was unable to mother a third child because she was too thin. According to that report, Kate Middleton has been on a “low-calorie diet,” which is leading her to weigh a grand total of 90 pounds. Prince William is apparently “unhappy” with his wife’s extreme diet.

Not only were these Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors debunked by Gossip Cop, this story was deemed untrue by the website back in April. A Life & Style cover story a few months ago claimed they were officially announcing the third royal pregnancy.

“Kate has told her immediate family she is in the early stages of pregnancy. To be honest, it was an accident and total surprise. They hadn’t wanted a third child for a couple of years, but now that it has happened, she and William are thrilled,” read the made-up report.

Although a Kate Middleton pregnancy may be a possibility in the near future, it isn’t a reality right now. Prince William and Kate Middleton have their hands quite full with George and Charlotte. While Prince William told Vanity Fair that Princess Charlotte has been “fantastic” and a “little joy of heaven,” he understands that raising two kids while being a prince entails a lot of work.

“At the same time it is more responsibility, looking after two little ones, especially when George is around. He’s a little monkey,” William said.

kate middleton pregnant?
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Kate Middleton’s potential future pregnancy must remain on hold for now. It seems as though the couple would like little George to grow out of the toddler stage before adding a third baby to the family. George’s parents have called their adorable son both “lively” and “noisy.” Their young son loves to spend time at his friend’s house riding ponies and racing toy tractors around Anmer Hall’s enclosed gardens. Like his grandfather Prince Charles, George also loves to paint and enjoys nature.

Princess Charlotte is the quieter of the two children. Prince William and Princess Kate say she’s the model baby who has not only been sleeping through the night since she was 3-months-old, she also took her first steps right before her first birthday. Charlotte was also a good girl when she posed with her great-grandmother, also known as the Queen of England, for her 90th birthday party. If the family decides to have a third child, they’ll be hoping that Charlotte keeps her calm demeanor. She could be a great help to mommy!

Despite being in the public eye and constantly swirled by rumors, Prince William and Princess Kate are a normal family, and their priority is to keep their children in a secure and stable environment.

Should Kate and William have another child? Share your opinions below!

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