June 9, 2016
‘Bachelorette’ Final Rose Shocker: JoJo Has Change Of Heart, 'Reality Steve’s' Season Finale Spoilers Wrong?

Fans who are counting on spoilers to reveal who Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher picks on the August 2 season finale may be in for a surprise. Will JoJo have a change of heart right before the final rose ceremony after she learns about the relationship status of one of her final two picks?

[Warning: Bachelorette Season 12 spoilers ahead]

After weeks of group dates, one-on-one dates, rose ceremony eliminations, and a healthy dose of man-drama, JoJo will narrow down her options to three men who will spend time in the Fantasy Suite with the Bachelorette during the overnight dates episode (July 11).

Reality Steve's spoilers initially revealed that Luke Pell, Jordan Rodgers, and Robby Hayes would accept Chris Harrison's offer to share a night with JoJo in the Fantasy Suite. However, he updated his spoilers after learning that JoJo sent Luke home after the hometown dates and Chase McNary is one of the three guys who get overnight dates.

If his revised spoilers are correct, Chase leaves after the overnights, leaving Jordan Rodgers and Robby Hayes as Fletcher's final two guys. Fans will see JoJo's relationship with both guys heat up over the next few weeks, but despite admitting that he had the final three guys wrong, Steve still maintains that Jordan gets engaged to JoJo on the finale.

However, CDL speculates that producers may pull a "bait and switch" and prove Reality Steve wrong, just like they did on Desiree Hartsock's season. The speculation is based on an interview with People where JoJo admits that she fell in love with "more than one guy," something that she describes as "surprising, painful, and confusing."

"If I only had feelings for one guy, it would have been smooth sailing. But each relationship was so important to me. When you get to the end, it can get really confusing."
Previews for this season show that JoJo is clearly torn between her final two men, but an intense conversation with Robby about a recent breakup may have helped her make her final decision, something that may end up proving that Steve's final rose spoilers are true.

In ABC's Bachelorette trailer video at the top of the page, fans will see JoJo confront Robby about his ex-girlfriend of four years, something that producers must have given her some intel on.

Although Hayes claims that he didn't break up with her to go on the show, a previous report from the Inquisitr shows that not only did he end his relationship with Hope Higgenbotham shortly before filming started, she looks an awful lot like JoJo.

It appears that producers made Robby out to look like the only bad guy out of the final two. Perhaps they didn't know about Jordan's past relationships, but Reality Steve warns that Rodgers is a "skirt chaser" and "a total dog and player" who is out for fame, not love.

"I'm sure she'll stand by him and choose to believe the stories aren't true, but really? You think every single one of these girls is just gonna be making stuff up about the guy? Horrible way to start a relationship. Like I said, be careful JoJo. You're in for one bumpy ride."

Jordan had a chance to come clean early in the season about his rumored infidelity with his ex-girlfriend Brittany Farrar, but he chose to skirt around the topic. Weeks before the finale, Rodgers told Fletcher that he had a "serious girlfriend a few years ago" and he "made a lot of mistakes," leaving JoJo to find out about the cheating allegations via a tweet from Brittany when the season finished filming.

Did JoJo's knowledge about Robby Hayes give Jordan an unfair advantage with JoJo? If she had known about the cheating allegations, would she have had a change of heart at the end, perhaps leaving the show single?

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