Jules Wainstein Compares Luann De Lesseps And Bethenny Frankel To Her Own Kids

Jules Wainstein may be the new girl in town on The Real Housewives of New York, but she’s learning that she can’t control the other women when it comes to a weekend getaway in the Berkshires. All of the ladies traveled to the Berkshires to spend a weekend with Dorinda Medley, who was just about to celebrate her birthday. There was even a birthday cake from Dorinda’s mother, but Jules had other things on her mind. Wainstein had learned that her father was ill and was in the hospital with pneumonia. While Jules may have hoped for some support from her co-stars, she quickly learned that the weekend would be all about Luann de Lesseps and Bethenny Frankel.

According to a new Bravo report, Jules Wainstein is now comparing the weekend away to her children having a fit over something. Wainstein reveals that she had really hoped for a weekend away with some peace and quiet since she was dealing with her sick father and even losing her nanny.

“I’m not gonna lie, I was really looking forward to a fun and relaxing 24 hours with the girls and celebrating Dorinda’s birthday with a good old-fashioned holiday slumber party. After hearing news that my father was in the ICU for pneumonia and losing a nanny, I was hopeful for a light and fun time in the Berkshires! Well, it was frankly exhausting. I felt like I was refereeing a bunch of over-tired toddlers having a meltdown at a playdate,” Jules Wainstein explains on her blog for Bravo.

Wainstein didn’t really engage in the drama that went down between Bethenny and Luann. After everything had happened, Wainstein went outside to make a call and was shocked to learn that her father was incoherent. She knew that things were not well at home, and she felt — and rightfully so — that her issue with her ill father was more important that Luann’s sex life being called out for all to hear.

Even though de Lesseps was clearly angry with Bethenny, she didn’t really think about the other housewives. When Jules Wainstein went outside to make the call, the Countess completely ignored the fact that Jules was struggling with her father. Wainstein was looking for some comforting news from the phone call, but de Lesseps couldn’t help but talk about herself. And Jules was shocked at the selfishness of her co-star.

“My dad is ill, and it’s Dorinda’s birthday (OMG the cake, don’t mess with the cake. Ever) but everyone is too busy catfighting over nonsense to care. Dorinda is my friend, and she tries so hard to get everyone together for a fun and meaningful time, so I tried my best to break the ice and get the girls to have fun. But there is only so much a girl can do when people are hell-bent on fighting. I would have rather stayed in bed with my Netflix pants on. Back to refereeing my kids. At least they know how to say sorry to each other and go to bed,” Jules Wainstein ends her short blog, essentially just slamming her Real Housewives of New York co-stars.

In her own blog for the show, Luann revealed that she could have been more sensitive to Jules Wainstein’s phone call and her heartbreaking news that her father was in the hospital. She explains that she was just very angry with Bethenny for calling her out on her sex life, as she doesn’t want to be seen as someone who sleeps around.

What do you think about Jules Wainstein’s blog, where she’s essentially comparing her co-stars to her children? Do you think she has a point?

[Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]