Michael Moore Says To Start Practicing Saying The Words, ‘President Romney’

Michael Moore offered a few words of advice to Huffington Post Live viewers on Thursday; the filmmaker thinks Americans should start practicing the words, “President Romney.” Michael Moore claims that Mitt Romney is going to raise more money than President Barack Obama, therefore he will win the election.

During the Huffington Post Live interview, Michael Moore told viewers not to be “fooled” by Republicans. Moore noted that Republicans are smart, dedicated, disciplined and have the courage of their convictions.

“To assume that the other side is just a bunch of ignoramuses who are supported by people who believe that Adam and Eve rode on dinosaurs 6,000 years ago is to completely misjudge the opposition,” Michael Moore remarked during the Huffington Post Live interview about the presidential election.

The controversial filmmaker also noted how important voter turnout will be and feels the Republican Party has set up a “machine” with significant money backing that will produce results. Moore called the proposition of a strong Republican voter turnout on November 6 “pretty scary.”

“There have always been extremely wealthy people, always will be, but they don’t have to pull he strings if ‘we’ don’t let them,” Michael Moore also stated during his Huffington Post Live interview.

Michael Moore apparently has little confidence in the number of Democratic voters who will go to the polls to cast a ballot for President Barack Obama in 2012, Mediate notes. The filmmaker stated that if elections in this country were run like the American Idol reality show, Barack Obama could win a second term – “hands down.” Moore’s musings about voting from the comfort of our couches is not likely to become a reality in the United States any time soon.

Michael Moore: Get Used To Phrase “President Romney”