Missing Friends: New Details Emerge In Case Of Man and Woman Who Mysteriously Vanished Two Months Ago After Attending Austin Concert

It’s been two months since Krislyn Gibson and her long time friend, Sidney Taylor, mysteriously vanished after attending a concert in Austin, Texas. As authorities continue to search for leads in the case, it was announced Friday that new details may offer some information about what happened to the Houston pair.

Krislyn and Sidney, both 35 years of age, disappeared sometime between Saturday, April 2, and Tuesday, April 5, KPRC 2 News reports. According to authorities, the pair had left Houston on Friday, April 1, and arrived in Austin in order to attend the Urban Music Festival, which took place the entire weekend.


In the early morning hours that Saturday, Krislyn and Sidney reportedly went to a local nightclub and subsequently were not seen again, ABC 13 News reports.


Texas Equusearch was asked to take part in the investigation after a ping from Sidney’s cell phone indicated it had come from west Harris County, Fox 26 News reports. The ping was determined to have come from near Bear Creek Park in Houston.


According to ABC 13 News, the initial investigation was commenced by Austin law enforcement, but Houston authorities joined the search effort after Sidney’s car, a Dodge Charger, was found in midtown Houston.

On Friday, June 3, Austin police offered new details in the case, announcing that Krislyn and Sidney were last seen with acquaintance Harvey “Hootie” Cyphers, 49, at a club called The Landing Strip, the Houston Chronicle reports.

The club’s Facebook page describes the hot spot as the following.

“The world famous Landing Strip Gentlemen’s Club is Austin’s place to party. With beautiful women and great drink specials, we’ll have you in the upright position all night.”

According to the Chronicle, surveillance video shows Krislyn, Sidney, and Cyphers entering the club and then leaving together when the establishment closed at about 2 a.m. on April 2. The Chronicle further notes the “friend the couple was staying with” spoke to Sidney by phone at around 3 a.m. that morning and Sidney stated he was with Cyphers, who lives in the Austin area. This was reportedly the last contact anyone had with either of the pair.

The friend later reported Krislyn and Sidney missing on April 3.

Friday’s announcement revealed more information about Sidney’s vehicle, indicating it contained some of the pair’s “personal effects” the likes of which “people don’t normally leave behind,” the Chronicle reports. Also, there was possibly biological evidence in the car, which potentially included blood.


The Chronicle reports Austin police initially interviewed Cyphers in April, and later found he had not been completely honest about where he had been when Krislyn and Sidney vanished, Friday’s announcement said. In addition, the release noted Cyphers is a felon and admitted to police he had firearms, which is a violation under federal law.

Austin police then enlisted the help of federal authorities and obtained a search warrant for Cyphers’ property located in Caldwell County. The search resulted in the recovery of six firearms, as well as ammunition, thus, Cyphers was detained by federal authorities on firearms charges and is now being held without bail as he awaits trial, the Chronicle reports.

Also during the search of Cyphers’ home, investigators concluded “an act of violence” had taken place at the location and “the crime scene had been cleaned up,” according to the release, the Chronicle writes.

According to the Chronicle, additional search warrants determined that Krislyn’s, Sidney’s, and Cyphers’ cell phones were all at the residence early on April 2, and later in the day, the following happened.

“…all three cell phone[s] traveled together to Houston, where a call from Cyphers’ phone was made to Megabus… Other calls were made within walking distance from where Taylor’s [Sidney’s] Charger was found. Cyphers’ phone alone then travels along the route Megabus takes for its Houston to Austin leg.”

Shortly after the pair vanished, a friend, Calvin Davis, told Fox 26 News that Krislyn and Sidney have a platonic relationship and were not romantically involved. Davis noted he and Sidney had roomed together for two years during college and that Krislyn was part of their group of friends. Davis added that Krislyn is a single mother of one, while Sidney is a loving husband and father of four children who usually keeps in constant contact with his family.


Authorities are asking anyone who might have seen Cyphers or Sidney’s Dodge Charger in the Houston area on April 2, who may have been on the Megabus from Houston to Austin with Cyphers, or who has any information related to the case to call the Austin Police Department at 512-974-5250 or Crime Stoppers at 512-472-8477.

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