WWE News: Sasha Banks Confirms She Suffered A Concussion

At WrestleMania 32, Sasha Banks competed in a triple threat match with Becky Lynch and Charlotte for the WWE Women’s championship. Going into the fight, it was well-received by the WWE Universe and many thought that it had the potential to steal the show. Unbeknownst to WWE officials, the women did steal the show and Charlotte, Lynch, and Banks proved why they belong there.

After WrestleMania 32 is where things got interesting. Becky Lynch spent some time off television after sustaining a minor injury. She wasn’t going to be involved in a big feud anyway, so it wasn’t as if WWE officials were counting on her for a title run. WWE officials aren’t as high on Banks compared to Banks or Charlotte.

Becky Sasha
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Charlotte retained her Women’s championship in the triple threat at WrestleMania 32. From that moment on, it was a bit obvious who the top woman was in the eyes of WWE Creative. After Mania, Charlotte entered a feud with Natalya and had stellar matches on regular programming and on WWE PPVs. Wrestling fans believed it wasn’t the right fit for Charlotte, but the end result brought good wrestling and several good segments on TV.

That leaves Sasha Banks as the remaining participant from the WrestleMania match. Her story is a bit different from others. WWE fans thought Banks was going to contend for the Women’s championship, and reports went on to say that Banks was intended to fight for the strap at SummerSlam. Plans changed due to an injury, as a rumor started about Banks getting a concussion.

It’s not a rumor anymore, as Banks confirmed she did receive a concussion, but in a weird way.

“I’ve been sitting in the back. About two weeks ago, I suffered a concussion. I got kneed in the head by a referee. After the match, I was like, ‘What happened?’ So, I got a little concussion, but now I’m back.”

The fact that Banks is back adds more legitimacy to the WWE Women’s division automatically. It’s unknown if she will appear on WWE television right away. Wrestling fans believe she’ll appear a month before SummerSlam to promote her rumored match against Charlotte for the WWE Women’s championship. Nothing’s guaranteed, but at least she’s back wrestling again.

Plans can always change, especially if Vince McMahon feels differently than he originally did. Just last week, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and Wrestling Inc. reported that McMahon believed Sasha Banks only knew one speed and was injury-prone.

“While the injury was a fluke and not Sasha’s fault, it may look bad for her to WWE officials as Vince McMahon has said on multiple occasions that he believes Sasha knows only one speed – all out. Vince was reportedly comparing Banks to Daniel Bryan months ago as he feels she is injury-prone.”

Where does Sasha Banks fit in the WWE’s future plans? If the WWE brings out another championship for the women, she will easily be the main woman on one of the shows. Even if that isn’t the case, Banks is over with the WWE officials backstage. She’s also well-liked by her colleagues. That being said, is that enough to convince McMahon that she’s not injury-prone?

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McMahon has made bigger decisions on lesser to go with before, even if it is a snap decision. Banks absolutely deserves to be in the main event on television. Her matches with Bayley in WWE NXT are some of the best matches of all time, regardless of gender. She could do the same thing on the main roster with Charlotte, Lynch, Dana Brooke and Bayley. Even after that, Asuka, Nia Jax, and many WWE NXT stars are set to come up soon.

While Charlotte headlines the division, Sasha Banks is the perfect foil in the WWE Women’s division.

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