Muhammad Ali: In Memory Of Boxer Legend And Devoted UFO Watcher

Muhammad Ali will always be remembered as the legendary boxer, but did you know that he was a devoted UFO watcher?

Timothy Green Beckley shares his story about his friend, Muhammad Ali, who not only was a famous boxer, but also devoted a part of his life to watching for UFOs.

“Of all the famous folks I’ve spent time with discussing UFOs and theories about extraterrestrial civilizations and life in outer space, no one seems to know more about the subject – at least from a firsthand point of view – than retired heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali. Thus, Ali deserves an entire chapter for himself.”

When Timothy first met Ali, they went to the park for a jog. It was just a couple days prior that Ali had claimed to have seen not just one, but two UFOs hovering above New York City. Ali told Timothy the story.

“I happened to look up just before dawn, as I often do while running, and there hovering above us was this brilliant light hanging as if by an invisible thread. At first I thought it was a beacon projected from a helicopter, but moments later a similar object passed in front of us.”

Ali confirmed to Timothy that he was not the only person to have reported a UFO sighting in New York City that night. A pilot landing at the Newark Airport also reported a UFO sighting, as well as some others. A number of reporters jumped on the story. Ali wanted the reporters and everyone who was listening to know that this wasn’t a joke.

“This is no joke. All my friends here saw it.”

During his interview with reporters, Ali informed them that this was his 16th UFO sighting. Before Ali pulled out in his limousine, he called Timothy over and invited him to the hotel so they could talk some more.

While Timothy met up with Ali at his fancy hotel suite, they discussed boxing and poetry, Ali showed Timothy some of his paintings, then finally they were tuned in to UFOs.

“You know those objects we discussed in the park? I’ve mentioned this to no one before, but they’ve been watching me for some time now!”

Ali claimed to have seen UFOs “playing tag” between stars. Another time, Ali said a cigar-shaped UFO was hovering over his vehicle as he drove north on the New Jersey turnpike. During a walk through the Florida Everglades, Ali said he saw a ship land, a door slide open, and a ramp project itself.

“Out stepped a human-looking figure more than seven feet tall who proceeded to walk down the ramp and stand in front of me.”

Suddenly, the room filled with laughter, as that addition to the story was nothing more than a funny joke.

A few weeks later, Timothy called Ali since it was insisted that he come see his new house in southern New Jersey. Ali informed Timothy that he’d be back in 10 days and to stop by. He told Timothy to bring photos, films, and anything he has on saucers when he came to visit.

When the day finally came, Timothy gathered up as many items as he could and piled them into his car. He and a couple friends traveled to southern New Jersey to Ali’s new residence.

Timothy and his friends shared some films with Ali, showing saucers that Ali compared with his sightings.

Ali was a firm believer and even lectured at some colleges. He even made it pertinent to get his message across while being interviewed on national television, although not many were very interested in the subject. Although Ali was a legendary boxer, he will always be remembered for his devotion towards UFOs.

Muhammad Ali was a devoted UFO watcher and shared with the world

[Photo by Harry Benson/Getty Images]