Donald Trump Defends Against Criticism And Racist Accusations After Calling Mexican Judge’s Involvement An ‘Absolute Conflict’ In Lawsuit

Donald Trump is speaking out against the criticism of his statements in regards to Gonzalo Curiel, a United States District Court Judge.

In a report by CNN, Trump defends against racist allegations and states that he was not targeting Curiel for his Mexican heritage. The remarks originally stemmed from Curiel’s involvement in the lawsuit against Trump University. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Donald Trump calls it an “absolute conflict” that Curiel be involved. This comes from Trump’s strong stance on illegal immigration and his plan to build a wall along the southern United States Border. This subject has been a topic of controversy for months, and the flames continue to be fanned with Trump being targeted for racism as a result of his words.

It’s no secret that Donald Trump is unliked by many. Known to be “open” with his words, this is just one of many instances where a racist agenda has been brought into question. When asked about his statements toward Judge Gonzalo Curiel, Trump firmly fortifies the belief that his statements do not hold a racist tone.

“He’s proud of his heritage. I respect him for that,” Trump states when the question of Curiel’s heritage was brought up. “He’s a Mexican. We’re building a wall between here and Mexico.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper applied quite a bit of pressure to Donald Trump in response to the statements, persistent in asking the presumptive GOP nominee if his remarks were intended to bring race to the front of his opinion on Curiel’s involvement with the Trump University lawsuit. In response, Donald Trump consistently turned Tapper’s attention to his plan to build the wall between the United States and renegotiating trade agreements between the two countries. Trump feels that these concerns are valid, justifying his concern with Curiel overall.

Donald Trump even went so far as to state that Judge Gonzalo Curiel’s rulings were some that people couldn’t believe. Does this mean that Trump also questions Curiel’s overall ability to maintain his position? Tapper was quick to jump on this point, asking Trump if he believed that Curiel couldn’t do his job. If so, wasn’t that the definition of racism?

“No, I don’t think so at all,” Trump said in response.

Despite Donald Trump’s claim at his remarks holding no racism, The Washington Post has reported that there is belief that Trump’s words and choices are poisonous and would be so to any other politician. The opinions on Trump appear to be mixed. Ethnic and racial politics are a sensitive matter, and Trump appears quite bold in making the statements that he has. Trump’s campaign trail has consistently brought race into question, but the presumptive Republican nominee has maintained a strong presence throughout.

It doesn’t appear that Donald Trump is shaken by the concern over his choice of words. During a news conference on Tuesday, he made it clear that he was not bothered by the heat that has followed his campaign trail.

“You think I’m going to change?” Trump asked in a rhetorical fashion. “I’m not changing.”

Whether you admire or dislike him, Donald Trump seems to speak his mind unapologetically. Where some consider it rhetoric and controversial, others would praise Trump’s consistency as an undeniable quality. Hillary Clinton believes that Donald has “thin skin,” going on to say that the U.S. should not trust Trump and his temperament.

“I don’t have thin skin. I have very strong and very thick skin,” Trump had to say in response. He furthers this with the statement that it’s that same skin that has allowed him to build his company into what it is today.

How do you feel about Donald Trump’s remarks in regards to United States District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel? Do you think that Trump has a valid concern? Let us know in the comment section below.

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