New Television Series Seeking Families Haunted By A Family Member: 'Ghost Hunters' Amy Bruni And Adam Berry May Be Looking For You For New Paranormal TV Series

Is your family being haunted by a family member? If so, a new television series is looking for you!

Do you remember Ghost Hunters' Amy Bruni and Adam Berry? They are starting a new television series starring families that are being haunted in New England. Have you been experiencing paranormal activity in your home or business and think a deceased family member may be trying to send you a message? Your haunting could very well be featured on their new paranormal series.

The show, still untitled, will involve Bruni and Berry investigating cases of people being haunted by a loved one in hopes of finding answers as to why the deceased family member is sticking around.

Amy Bruni and Adam Berry left Ghost Hunters television show after the 200th episode. The new television series will be very similar to Ghost Hunters and it will be interesting to see what direction they go.

Amy Bruni and Adam Berry will be starting their own paranormal tv series
[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]Some different paranormal television shows are The Dead Files, A Haunting, Paranormal Witness, and Ghost Adventures. According to Ranker, Ghost Hunters is rated the 3rd best paranormal T.V. Series. Could Bruni and Berry top the charts with their new paranormal series?

Characteristics of a Haunting

What sort of characteristics are present during an actual haunting? Stranger Dimensions reveals 10 signs that your house is haunted.

  1. One sign that you are experiencing paranormal activity in your home is electronic disturbances. You may experience lights flashing on and off, or perhaps the television changes channels without anyone touching the remote control. There may be other electronic interference, as well.
  2. Objects suddenly disappear then randomly show up in weird places later on. Maybe you really did set your keys down in an unusual place, or perhaps a spirit is playing tricks on you!
  3. Are you hearing strange noises? Sometimes you hear footsteps in the hall while everyone is sleeping. Maybe you hear whispers or other sounds.
  4. Some even see Shadows. Ghosts can be seen in many different colors, shapes and sizes.
  5. Are your animals acting abnormally?
  6. If you have been having nightly dreams or terrors, your home could be haunted. You may have someone trying to contact you from the spirit world.
  7. If you are regularly having unexplained feelings, a spirit may be surrounding you. Perhaps you feel like your being watched, or maybe you thought someone touched you when nobody is around.
  8. If your house has a dark history, you could very well have a haunted house.
  9. Do things move around with no reason or explanation? If cupboards open or shut, or things randomly fall, you could be living with paranormal activity.
  10. If you have actually seen a ghost, you already know that you are dealing with a house haunting.
If you feel that you are being haunted by a deceased family member, you should contact Amy Bruni and Adam Berry to have a shot at landing in their new paranormal TV series. For consideration, email your story to

Since the two have departed the Ghost Hunters television series, Amy has launched a boutique travel company, Strange Escapes. They create events at haunted locations for people seeking some paranormal fun during their vacations. They have done events on the Queen Mary, the cruise from Salem to the Bermuda Triangle, and the Mount Washington Resort.

If you are being haunted and would like to have a shot at being on the new paranormal show, contact Amy and Adam. Let them know your unique story and why you think your haunting should be on their show! Who knows! You may end up on T.V. and you may be able to finally figure out who is haunting you and why!

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