Memphis Officer Killed During Cowardly Hit And Run — No Charges Filed

Memphis Officer Verdell Smith, 18-year veteran, was killed during a cowardly hit and run. Yet, no charges have been filed?

Yes, you read correctly. According to Commercial Appeal, no charges have been filed against the man who killed Memphis Officer Smith in the early morning hours of June 5.


The scene unfolded approximately 30 minutes prior to the hit and run against Officer Verdell Smith. According to the source, the events started at a Memphis bar known as Westy’s. The suspect, while at the establishment, shot two people — both of whom are hospitalized and in critical condition. The source notes as follows.

“Martin Norris and Jake Schorr IV, employees of Westy’s, said a man walked up from the south on Main Street, talking loudly to himself, pulled a handgun and shot two customers who were sitting at a picnic table in front of the restaurant.”

After he nearly killed those two, the suspect fled the bar and headed across the street to Bass Pro Shop. That’s when he shot another person. According to a witness, it appeared to be one of the employees who was collecting shopping carts. However, that victim didn’t receive any life-threatening injuries, as notes the report.

Shortly after, the shooting suspect fled the scene altogether. Yet, he wasn’t done committing heinous acts for the night. Eventually, he literally ran into Memphis Officer Smith and left him for dead.


Before that happened, while officers were in pursuit, they lost track of the suspect. However, Memphis PD attempted to get Beale and Third cleared out, given that there was a sketchy suspect on the loose. Yet, it didn’t happen fast enough for Officer Verdell. That’s when the assailant committed the hit and run crime.

Fortunately, other officers caught up with the assailant. However, they wouldn’t apprehend him before pursuing him in a foot chase, according to NBC News. Once arrested, the hit and run suspect was taken to a local hospital as well.

As for Memphis Officer Verdell Smith, after arriving to Regional Medical Center as well, he succumbed to the hit and run injuries. He was pronounced dead thereafter.

Before he was killed, Officer Smith had served on the Memphis police force for 18 years, as aforementioned. He leaves behind a fiancée, children, and his father, according to sources. The Memphis officer was 46 years of age at the time he was killed.

MPD Director Michael Rallings had a lot to say regarding the officer. Sincerely, Rallings expressed his condolences to the Memphis veteran’s family and friends, as well as the community. The Memphis director pointed out that this hit and run situation “highlights the dangers officers face every day.”

Memphis Police Department Director Michael Rallings — 2 a.m. Press Conference Outside Of Hospital

Likewise, City of Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland spoke of his anger regarding the killings happening within the area. Essentially, he stated that he will not take it any longer.

“I am angry this morning — angry at the senseless loss of a dedicated public servant, and angry at the absolutely unacceptable level of violence in our city. We must not accept this as our norm. I most certainly will not, and I will continue to act to make our city safer.”

Moreover, the city’s mayor called on all Memphians to keep Officer Verdell Smith’s family in their prayers as well during this time of grief.


Since the hit and run incident occurred, several people have expressed their condolences to the officer’s family. Yet, many also wonder why the shooting suspect hasn’t been brought up on any charges. However, as aforementioned, he was exhibiting psychiatric issues prior to the events that eventually killed the policeman. So, it’s possible that he’s undergoing evaluation first.

Nevertheless, what are your thoughts concerning Memphis Officer Verdell Smith? Feel free to share your thoughts regarding the hit and run incident, as well as the shootings, in the comments below.

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