Alisan Porter: Winner Of ‘The Voice’ Hangs Out With New BFF, Gets ‘Working Mom’ Advice

Alisan Porter, winner of The Voice, apparently has a new superstar BFF, according to People. In case you haven’t already guessed, wait for it… her newest buddy is none other than Christina Aguilera. That’s right, move over Adam Lambert. Alisan and Christina are already hanging out in their comfy pajamas, singing and talking about all kinds of cool stuff.

In a recent interview, Alisan talked about heading over to Christina’s for a slumber party of sorts. The 34-year-old said throwing blankets on the floor and chilling out with her old coach and the family dogs was a “fun experience” that allowed her to see a completely different side of her new best friend.

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Apparently, the newest winner of The Voice got some advice about being a working mom from Aguilera, before the lights went out and the superstar slumber party ended. It will come in especially handy, considering the fact that Alisan’s first priority will always be her children. She is the mom of almost 4-year-old Mason and 2-year-old Aria.

Porter had this to say about what she learned when Aguilera went into “mom mode” on the set of The Voice.

“Her fiancé comes to set all the time and her kids come and she goes right into mom mode. It was just really good to watch that she was incorporating that all into her work life. It’s so cool to see how happy she was to have her kids there and she’ll get right down there on the floor. That’s the kind of mom I am. I’m super hands-on and that was my biggest fear coming in, that I would lose that.”

As recently reported by The Inquisitr, Aguilera was almost as thrilled as Porter with her Season 10 win on The Voice. Why? It was the first time a female coach was a winner. Shortly after Alisan’s win was officially announced, Aguilera proudly deemed the event “a true victory for women.”

The road to the win was a long one, for Alisan Porter. However, she seemingly had someone looking over her right from the day of her blind audition. Besides Adam Lambert, that is. The song she chose to sing, that day, was “Blue Bayou,” by Roy Orbison. The judges liked Alisan’s performance so much, they all turned their chairs. The rest is history.

Alisan Porter began entertaining audiences at a very young age. She captured everyone’s heart when she appeared on Star Search, at 5-years-old. She made such a good impression, she won the junior championship. You also might remember Porter as the adorable little girl in the movie Curley Sue.

Life before The Voice and hanging out with Christina Aguilera wasn’t always easy for Alisan. She struggled with alcohol for quite some time. The good news is this? She came out a winner and doesn’t take her sobriety for granted.

What are your feelings, in regard to Alisan Porter’s Season 10 win on The Voice? Do you think it’s surprising that she and Christina Aguilera are already such good friends? Feel free to leave your feedback about anything related to The Voice below.

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