‘Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle Evans Accused Of ‘Brainwashing’ Her Son, Jace

Next Monday is the Season 7 finale of Teen Mom 2, and a preview clip shared by Radar Online shows Jenelle Evans being accused of brainwashing her son, Jace, by her mother, Barbara.

In the preview clip, Barbara is asking Jenelle when she will be bringing Jace home. Jenelle wants her mother to drive to her house to pick him up, but her mother doesn’t want to. Then, Jenelle decides to ask her mother why she can’t just give her son, Jace, back to her.

“Then, give him back to me because it’s been six years,” Jenelle exclaimed to her mother on the phone. “I want to know why I am not allowed to have my son back. Why can I not have custody? Please tell me a reason right now.”

Barbara, annoyed by the question, snaps at Jenelle.

“I’ll tell you one reason right now!” Jenelle Evans’ mother yells. “This guy [David Eason] is controlling you, and he thinks that he’s gonna take control of Jace? Nuh uh! This is between me and you and Jace, not between David. Get rid of all the crazy boyfriends, Jenelle!”

Jenelle’s boyfriend, who had been listening to the conversation on speakerphone chimes in.

“He’s nothing but a chunk of change to her, is all he is.” It is unclear whether or not Jenelle’s mother heard what David said.

Jenelle fires back at her mother.

“He’s not crazy, you idiot! He didn’t have me go to court. Before I met David I was bringing you to court. So please tell me why. Please tell me why I can’t have my son! He even asked me, ‘Why haven’t I lived with you yet?’ And I said ‘Because we have to go to something called court.”

This was the point in time during the conversation where Jenelle is interrupted by her mother who accuses her and David of brainwashing Jace. According to Jenelle’s mother, the only reason Jace wants to live with his mother and her boyfriend is because they are brainwashing him into thinking that is what he wants.


It isn’t lost on fans, as Starcasm reports, that Jenelle’s mother had picked up a large glass of wine and was drinking it as she was accusing Jenelle of brainwashing her son.


While things between Jenelle, her mother, and custody of Jace appear to be going nowhere – not everything in Jenelle’s world is grim as Season 7 of Teen Mom 2 comes to a close. In fact, Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith agreed on Evans’ having primary custody of their son, Kaiser.

According to Radar Online, the two worked out the custody arrangement in mediation with their lawyer. While the deal isn’t official until a judge signs off on it, both Jenelle and Nathan have signed the agreement regarding custody of their son.


International Business Time, went on to report that a judge has decided Nathan should be paying Jenelle $311 a month in child support, plus back pay from when she originally applied for child support which was back in March of this year.

Unhappy with the child support arrangements, Nathan Griffith asked a judge if the payments could be reduced to $100 a month.

International Business Time also reported that Jace told Jenelle’s mother a very different story claiming that Jenelle does not seem to like it when he is around and prefers to sleep, over spending time with him.

Will Jenelle Evans ever get custody of Jace back from her mother? Is Jenelle and her boyfriend, David, brainwashing Jace into thinking he wants to live with them when he really doesn’t? And, will Nathan start paying child support?

Don’t miss the Season 7 finale of Teen Mom 2 on Monday, June 6, at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]