Pizza Delivery Driver Assaulted After Forgetting Customer’s ‘Garlic Knots’

A pizza delivery driver in Florida was assaulted by a very large, very unhappy customer after the employee forgot the gentleman’s “garlic knots,” according to The Smoking Gun. Robert Wheeler, the 48-year-old, 346-pound Floridian was reportedly so displeased with the pizza joint’s service that he felt compelled to deliver his critique through physical abuse. Following the assault, Wheeler was arrested by the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office for misdemeanor battery.

Jonathon Feigen, the 19-year-old pizza delivery driver who became up close and personal with Wheeler’s fist, told police that the suspect punched him after he had completed the job. Upon returning to his car, Wheeler suddenly appeared at the driver’s side window. When Feigen rolled it down, the hefty customer promptly clocked the teenager for the crime of “forgetting the garlic knots.”

TC Palm reports that Wheeler, who walks around life with “Fat” tattooed on one arm and “Boy” inked on the other, doesn’t deny punching the delivery driver, though his reasoning is a bit different. According to the suspect, he clocked the kid because the restaurant allegedly owned him money. Garlic knots, he claimed, had absolutely nothing to do with the incident.

“Give that to the person working on the phone back at the restaurant,” he told Feigen.

Wheeler, who is currently unemployed, was booked into the county jail for the assault, though he would later return to freedom after ponying up the $500 bond.

August hasn’t been a good month for pizza delivery drivers. According to KWTX, a Houston, Texas man was arrested for raping a female employee earlier this month. Thankfully, workers at the pizza shop recognized the suspect, who had previously stolen food from the establishment. When he returned to the store to purchase some chicken wings, the employees immediately phoned police. The man is currently facing charges of aggravated sexual assault and aggravated robbery.