Hillary Clinton Has Another Coughing Episode In California [Video]

Hillary Clinton experienced another bout of coughing while campaigning for president in California today.

Non-stop barnstorming across America and lots of time spent traveling by plane (even on a private jet) can undermine the health of any candidate to be sure, regardless of age, which could lead to chronic coughing. The former Secretary of State, 68, also has a tendency to shout into the microphone, which likely is rough on the vocal cords.

In this instance, the coughing occurred when she wasn't even talking, this during an immigration reform-related event in Sylmar, California.

The key California primary is on Tuesday, June 7, which some pundits and political operatives insist will be Clinton rival Bernie Sanders' last stand in his quest for the Democrat presidential nomination.

Past coughing episodes have raised questions in the minds of some observers about the status of the Democratic front-runner's health.

"A video of the incident shows Clinton coughing while another panel member is speaking. She took a very large drink of water but it did no good, she continued to cough repeatedly," the Dennis Michael Lynch website explained about the clip below.

On May 5, Hillary Clinton had a coughing fit while at a rally with the United Farmworkers in California.

In late April, Clinton started coughing during a radio interview on The Breakfast Club on hip-hop FM station Power 105.1 WWPR in New York City. This is apparently the same interview in which Clinton claimed she always carries a bottle of hot sauce with her (which Twitter denounced as a form of pandering for votes). At the time, she attributed her discomfort to allergies.

While campaigning in Ohio prior to that state's primary, she had a coughing fit mid-speech on March 12.

Hillary Clinton had another coughing bout on March 6, during the nationally televised debate against Sanders, in Flint, Michigan

The former Secretary of State was consumed by coughing for about three minutes during a speech in Harlem, New York, in mid February.

She suffered through a coughing attack on January 25, during a speech in the run-up to the Iowa Caucus.

"Clinton had a similar moment during her lengthy Benghazi Select Committee testimony in October, briefly halting the proceeding when she began coughing almost uncontrollably and needed a cough drop," the Washington Free Beacon separately recalled following the Iowa incident.

In July 2015, the Clinton campaign released general medical information pronouncing the candidate sufficiently healthy to serve as president, and that also indicated that she is taking medicine for an underactive thyroid as well as another prescription for blood clots following a concussion suffered in December 2012.

Pro-Trump author Ed Klein and contrarian feminist Camille Paglia, a Sanders supporter, have both claimed that Hillary Clinton is ill, but no corroboration has emerged that would support the allegations. Paglia has even suggested that a media coverup might be in play in connection with the persistent cough.

On the other hand, the Washington Post has chided what it called the conservative media for its alleged obsession with Hillary Clinton's coughing and wrote that "it probably doesn't indicate anything more than a dry throat brought on by prolonged talking."

While not supporting any candidate on the merits, Dilbert creator Scott Adams, who has consistently maintained on his blog that "master persuader" Donald Trump (the GOP presumptive presidential nominee) will win the general election in a landslide, offered one of many comparisons of the two major party candidates, who are roughly the same age.

"Trump doesn't drink. He never has. He doesn't take illegal drugs either. He's the same guy at night that he is in the morning. He's not a chemical cyborg with a personality that is driven by big pharma. Clinton, on the other hand, is part human, part pharmacological grab-bag. Her personality is at least partly determined by whatever cocktail of meds and wine are in her system at any given moment. In other words, she is just like most adults. Our personalities are the product of the drugs in our system, for better or for worse...Trump brings with him all the risks of being Trump, but he does seem to be the same person every day. Clinton brings with her all the risks of being Clinton, plus any extra risks from a glass of wine or doctor-prescribed meds. That risk could be nearly nothing. Or not. We have no way to know..."
Hillary Clinton in Sylmar, Calif.
[Photo by John Locher/AP]Given the repeated coughing events, which may be significant or insignificant, do you think that Hillary Clinton is physically healthy enough to serve as president of the United States?

[Photo by John Locher/AP]