Salma Hayek Fakes Affair For Dog, And Fears Meeting Pope Over Sexy Susan Sarandon Picture

Few can match Salma Hayek for her beauty and sex appeal, and she seems to know that on some level, because she recently revealed on The Graham Norton Show that she used those attributes to convince her husband that she was having an affair. It seemed Hayek cooked up the kooky scheme to be able to bring home yet another rescue dog, adding to a brood that husband François-Henri Pinault may feel is getting a bit out of control.

Salma also confessed to Norton’s audience that she was reluctant to go through with a recent meeting with Pope Francis, because she was concerned he’d seen a saucy picture of Hayek and Susan Sarandon in which Salma was seemingly obsessed with Sarandon’s cleavage.

Drunk Parents Star Salma Hayek Throws Her Marriage To The Dogs

Salma Hayek’s fans are well aware that the actress is passionate about animal conservation and rescuing at-risk animals. It isn’t at all uncommon for Ms. Hayek to return home with a new pet or two in tow, taking in stray, abandoned, or neglected animals, whenever the opportunity presents itself. At present, Salma has opened up her home to a gathering of varied pets, almost enough to establish a small zoo of her own, so it’s certainly understandable why Salma was nervous about telling her husband that she would be bringing home yet another pet.

“I had 10 dogs, five parrots, I had alpacas, horses, cats and — by the way — one without a tail, the other one without a leg, you know? And they always find me,” explained Hayek. “They come to me… they find me and I promised (my husband) no more. We were up to 30 animals and I swore no more.”

Salma says she really intended to keep her word and not to bring home anymore pets, but a recent trip to Bulgaria intervened with that vow. Salma says she met a stray dog there and her heart melted as soon as she laid eyes on him. She knew she had to figure out a way to bring the pet home and to be able to keep him, after husband François-Henri met him.

“So I came up with this brilliant idea to pretend that I was having an affair,” Ms. Hayek explained. “And at the end I would say, ‘No, it’s not an affair. I picked up a dog.’ And then he would feel better.”

Salma confessed that her plan went awry and her husband instantly saw right through her ploy. He guessed that she’d picked up yet another stray animal only a few seconds into her planned performance.

Salma Hayek Regrets Staring At Susan Sarandon’s Cleavage

Ms. Hayek was recently the guest of honor at a ceremony held in Vatican City, during which she was presented with a medal by Pope Francis, but the actress confesses to feeling fearful about that meeting. She says she was concerned that the pope had seen a recent picture of herself posing with actress Susan Sarandon and would take back the medal.

“But I was really nervous because I had just posted an Instagram of me staring at Susan Sarandon’s boobs and I was so afraid he would see that picture and take away my medal!”

Salma posted the picture on her Instagram account and captioned a comment that explains the provocative stare.

“Salma: ‘Susan, you are bigger than me!’ Susan Sarandon: ‘Of course I am…’ #cannes #friends #susansarandon.”

As it turned out, Hayek’s visit with Pope Francis was a big hit and she remarked that it pleased her to be able to make the Catholic leader laugh.

“When in Rome, speak with your hands. At least I made him laugh,” wrote Salma Hayek in another Instagram caption. “I can not love him more.”

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