Toni Braxton Dating Birdman — Singer Shows Up To Another Show With The Cash Money Records CEO

Is Toni Braxton really dating Birdman? When rumors of this odd couple first broke, many fans dismissed the idea that Toni would even be interested in someone like Bryan “Birdman” Williams. It turns out that the singer and her record producer boo might really be an item.

According to the Root, Toni Braxton brought Birdman on stage during an Atlanta show on Thursday. It was a special show for Braxton, as she received the key to the city from Atlanta mayor, Kasim Reed, who declared it “Toni Braxton Day.” During his visit to the state, Toni told the crowd that they need to “respek” Birdman’s name, fueling rumors that the two are an item now. As Birdman took the stage, Toni reportedly blew him kisses, only to have Birdman blow a few back.

It seems unlikely that Toni and Birdman would be a romantic item. However, it seems even more unlikely that she would be signing to his label, Cash Money Records. So what is the deal with Braxton and Birdman? Are they dating?

The last time they were seen together during one of Toni Braxton’s shows it was in Brooklyn. TMZ reported at that point that Toni Braxton and Birdman were hooking up. They also said that Toni and Birdman had been close for years and that they had hooked up multiple times, but it was never anything serious.

Now it’s starting to look serious for the singer and her music producer boo. He’s shown up at two of Braxton’s performances in under a month, and those are just the ones that became public. As far as relationship status, Toni isn’t spilling the beans on her probable relationship, but her sister, Tamar Braxton, said a lot by saying very little when the rumor mill started moving faster than usual back in May.

Tamar Braxton put a video up after Toni Braxton and Birdman were seen together in Brooklyn. She said, “The question is — are they together or are they in a relationship?” Now that the possible couple has been spotted out together on multiple occasions, it’s really starting to look like they are together and they are in a relationship.

Of course, there is also the possibility that this new unlikely romance is purely for ratings. Both Toni Braxton and Birdman have been running under the radar for some time now. The only time the Cash Money Records CEO pops up in conversation lately seems to be when he is either beefing or making up with Lil’ Wayne. Do you think Braxton and her new boo are making appearances together in order to get more exposure for both of the former superstars?

On the flip side, Toni Braxton has her reality TV show, Braxton Family Values, but otherwise, she’s not released new music, and there are rumors floating around that she is broke. Neither Toni or Birdman can be using each other for money, since they both are running short. Is it possible that they are “together or in a relationship” because it gets them headlines? Well, here’s another one to add to their growing list if that’s the case.

Now that Toni Braxton has been seen with Birdman attending more than one of her shows, does this mean the couple is an item? Does this mean that the Cash Money Records CEO will be making appearances on Braxton Family Values now, too? Tell us what you think of this odd coupling in the comments section below.

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