‘Dark Knight’ Fan Builds His Very Own ‘Batpod’ Motorcycle [Video]

Batman has fans the world over as evidence by a Vietnamese mechanic who was so taken with the film The Dark Knight that he built his very own functional “batpod,” the film’s incarnation of Batman’s motorcycle.

Vietnam’s streets are dominated by motorcycles of all kinds, but Vu Tung Lam’s batpod, inspired by Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, is sure to stand out. The aspiring mechanic designed and built the batpod using scrap metal and an old Suzuki motorcycle (no worries, it doesn’t include the machine guns of the film version).

According to the Daily Telegraph, the batpod runs on a 125cc engine with tires from a four-wheel drive. The frame was welded from steel pipes and the covers are made of plastic. The 24-year-old Lam said that he gets looks everywhere he goes and that his batpod can get up to 56mph (90km/h). Unfortunately, Vietnamese law prohibits him from driving the batpod on the streets — they don’t allow structure-modified vehicles on their roads.

Still, it’s an impressive feat. Lam’s batpod took just over two months to complete from design to execution and cost him about $450.

“As I watched the Batman movies, I was very excited with the Batpod, which is a very interesting vehicle. It inspired me to make one for myself. I took the concept of the Batpod and built the rest based on my researches,” Mr Lam said.

Lam says that his batpod isn’t for sale, but he plans to put it on display at the vehicle modification business he plans to open.