New York Jets Don’t Think Ryan Fitzpatrick Is Worth $12 Million

The Ryan Fitzpatrick stalemate continues.

With both sides at an impasse, rumors circulated courtesy of the NY Daily News that Ryan is willing to now take a 1-year, $12 million dollar deal to play quarterback for the New York Jets in 2016. The only problem? The Jets aren’t willing to do that.

According to ESPN, there are multiple factors at play that suggest the hold out could continue all the way through training camp – and could end with Geno Smith at quarterback.

“The Jets won’t pay him $12 million for one year. First of all, they’d be forced to do some serious contract restructuring to absorb a $12 million cap hit, considering they have only $3 million in space…The main reason, though, is they don’t think he’s worth $12 million for one year.”

Blogger Rich Cimini continues, pointing out that a 1-year deal really only benefits Fitzpatrick, who essentially is a man without a team besides the Jets that can offer him both starter money and a starting job. They also only view him as a bridge quarterback to their two young draft picks in development.

“[The Jets would] like to retain him as insurance in case the two kids, Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty, aren’t ready to quarterback in 2017. There’s very little downside for Fitzpatrick on a one-year deal. Yeah, he’d be surrendering a $3 million guarantee in 2017 — reportedly part of the current offer — but he’d easily recoup that next year on the open market. The Jets evidently feel they’d be taking on most of the risk.”

New York Jets Darrelle Revis
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One proposed solution, according to Cimini, could be for Fitzpatrick to accept a Darrelle Revis-like contract, similar to the one he signed in 2014 with the New England Patriots.

“In 2014, Revis signed a two-year, $32 million contract with the New England Patriots, but the second year was a phony option year — a cap-busting $20 million option that no one (including Revis) expected them to exercise. What it did, though, was allow the Patriots to spread the cap hit from the signing bonus ($10 million) over two seasons. In the end, it was a one-year, $12 million contract.”

That $12 million dollar figure, ironically enough, equals what is apparently on the table. However, again, it doesn’t provide the Jets with any insurance beyond this season if their young rookies aren’t ready to ascend to the top.

Geno Smith’s days are most assuredly numbered as he enters the final year of his rookie contract. So, while Geno would be the backup plan in 2016 if Ryan signs elsewhere or retires, as was the rumor circulated early on in the negotiation, it would still leave the Jets high-and-dry in 2017.

Nick Foles NY jets
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One name to keep in mind, however, is Nick Foles of the St. Louis Rams. Currently, Nick has been asked to stay home from OTAs, as reported by Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. And even though coach Jeff Fisher has explained the situation away, many feel his answer was simply double talk until they can work out a trade or release.

The Rams traded up for the number one pick in this year’s draft, where they selected Jared Goff. Even prior to that, Foles had been benched at times during the season after he failed to match his 2014 numbers when he was a member of the Philadelphia Eagles.

If Foles is released, it could provide the Jets with the veteran alternative they’re seeking and simultaneously turn up the heat on Fitzpatrick. And despite the fact that GM Mike Maccagnan dismissed the Foles rumors during the NFL Draft, that was then, and this is now.

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