‘Days Of Our Lives’: Ximena Duque Debuts As Blanca – Telenovela Star Bringing ‘Latin Flavor’ To ‘DOOL’ [Spoilers]

Days Of Our Lives may be losing a lot of characters, but new ones are on the way to Salem. Last week, Adriana (Alma Delfina) made a phone call, asking someone to visit Salem. DOOL spoilers for June 6-10 reveal that the mystery individual will be played by Columbian telenovela star Ximena Duque. Who will she be playing on the NBC soap opera and how does this affect Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering)? What does the actress have to say about her new gig?

Warning: Days Of Our Lives spoilers are ahead.

The actress will play a woman named Blanca, who makes her introduction at Rafe’s front door on June 7. Yahoo! TV interviewed Ximena Duque, who explained a little bit about the new character. The telenovela star called Blanca “happy and fresh.” Ximena added that she will also bring a “Latin flavor” to Days Of Our Lives.

This will be Ximena Duque’s first English-speaking role on television. However, she is a seasoned actress and has a long list of credits to her name. Acting experience is what viewers have been asking for. As fans recall, some characters were butchered by poor casting choices. This definitely won’t happen with Ximena. Not only does she have skills and talent, Duque is the recipient of several entertainment awards. Fans should enjoy seeing Blanca on Days Of Our Lives, let’s just hope the writers give her an interesting storyline.

Duque was surprised to get an offer to appear on the long-running NBC series. The actress sent an audition video that was recorded with her cell phone. Even though she is no stranger to soap operas, there is are a few differences with Days Of Our Lives.

“Here in Miami when we shoot a soap opera, we do 20 scenes daily,” Ximena explained. [At] Days, they don’t do that many scenes, so even though I had to speak in English, and even though I had to memorize everything in English and that was hard, for me it was also kind of easy because we do a lot more scenes [for telenovelas].”


Last week on Days Of Our Lives, Adriana made it clear that Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) is not the right woman for Rafe. Even though all fans love Kristian Alfonso’s character, Adriana has a point. Not only do Hope and Rafe work together, but Bo Brady (Peter Reckell) recently died and Hope’s other former husband, Aiden Jennings (Daniel Cosgrove), has returned from the dead.

Not wanting to see her son pine over a woman who is technically unavailable, Adriana made a phone call. It was unclear who she was calling, but Adriana was speaking Spanish. It seems that Adriana decided if Rafe wasn’t going to look for a new woman, then she would bring one to him. Boldly, she sends Blanca right to Rafe’s front door. However, is Blanca the right girl for Rafe or will she be trouble?

“You never know where the character is going to go,” Duque explained to Yahoo! TV regarding Blanca on Days Of Our Lives. “I can’t give you that much information, because I want you to see the show.”

Ximena said at first, Blanca flirts with Rafe. However, the new Days Of Our Lives character ends up going another route.

A preview clip of Blanca’s debut on Days Of Our Lives can be seen on Yahoo! TV‘s website. The video shows Rafe drinking when there is a knock on the door. Dressed cute, but conservatively, Blanca gives the appearance of the girl next door. She introduces herself as Adriana’s friend. As Rafe shakes her hand, the detective looks smitten and gives her a big smile.

It will be nice to have a fresh, exciting new character. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, many actors are leaving the NBC soap opera. Jen Lilley is leaving Days Of Our Lives and there are rumors her character, Theresa Donovan, will be killed. Kate Mansi, who played Abigail Devereaux DiMera, has already left. It was reported that Marci Miller is taking her place.

Besides Blanca, what else can fans expect this week on Days Of Our Lives? According to Soap Central, Theresa Donovan plans a romantic evening for Brady Black (Eric Martsolf). Kate (Lauren Koslow) tries to set Nicole (Arianne Zucker) up to take the fall for Deimos Kiriakis’ (Vincent Irizarry) murder. On Wednesday, Hope Brady will have a special episode featuring three former characters: Bo Brady, Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo), and Larry Welch (Andrew Masset). Also, a new actor will come on board to play Zack, who will reportedly bring Hope to tears.

Toward the end of the week, Steve (Stephen Nichols) and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) are getting ready to take Joey (James Lastovic) home. However, Kayla suddenly falters. Also, fans will find out what Hope decides regarding Aiden Jennings. Concerning Deimos’ murder on Days Of Our Lives, it turns out he isn’t dead, at least not yet. He struggles to get help and manages to make it to a gas station.

What do you think of Colombian telenovela star Ximena Duque coming to Days Of Our Lives? How do you think her arrival will affect Rafe Hernandez?

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