Would San Diego Rather Vote For A Dead President Than Donald Trump?

Coburn Palmer

As the California primary date draws nearer, newspapers across the state are publishing their political endorsements for their favorite candidates, and the San Diego Union Tribune would rather people vote for a dead former president than Donald Trump.

A recent Tribune editorial encouraged San Diego voters to write in the name of Ronald Reagan, our 40th president, instead of voting for the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.

The Tribune's editorial board wrote that even though many Republicans support Trump, the real estate billionaire is in no way fit to lead the free world.

"We can't endorse Trump for reasons we've documented repeatedly: belligerence, casual cruelty, incoherence on policy issues. We can't recommend voters don't vote at all because that's a waste, and we can't suggest voting for another candidate because it accomplishes nothing."

Those aren't principles endorsed by Donald Trump, however, as the presumptive Republican candidate has vowed to build a border wall, wants to torture the families of terrorists, and has openly speculated about not paying debts of the American government.

"What would happen to Reagan's party in the hands of Trump? What would happen to San Diego?"

"We believe in a more unifying message. Neither problems nor opportunities improve with sloganeering or demagoguery."
"Maybe Trump will get the message."

"This isn't reality television. This is actual reality."

Meanwhile, legal scholars across the nation questioned Trump's commitment to the rule of law saying his attack on Federal District Court Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel, who is in charge of two class action lawsuits against the infamous Trump University, is out of line.

"I was removed from Donald Trump's rally tonight for practicing journalism without the campaign's permission."

Photo credit: David Becker/Paul Marnef/Hulton Archive/Getty Images