WWE News: Future AJ Styles Vs John Cena Match Going To Be For SmackDown World Heavyweight Championship?

This past week on WWE RAW, AJ Styles and The Club took out John Cena. This was a huge situation, as Cena has missed months of action due to an injury and made his first appearance back this past week. Styles ruined the homecoming of sorts for Cena. It was a huge moment in RAW history when AJ Styles officially turned heel as he brutally attacked John Cena. It seemed like he was trying to deliver a message with every single shot he delivered on the 15-time World Champion.

The rivalry clearly began this week between Cena and The Club, and it makes total sense for the two to fight at WWE Money in the Bank, which is set to take place in a few weeks. That is the plan as of now. It is also doubtful that Cena misses WWE RAW this upcoming week, which will most likely start the beginnings of an interesting rivalry. Styles and Cena are set to be linked for quite some time as well.

The plan is to have both end up on WWE SmackDown during the WWE Draft. It is assumed that The Club will go with AJ, but that is not yet known. According to The Wrestling Observer, the idea is that Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins would lead RAW while John Cena and AJ Styles lead SmackDown. Both brands will have other stars that will rise to top positions as well, but this is the blueprint for how they plan to do things initially.

The Club John Cena
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This very well could be why WWE turned AJ heel, as they felt he would be a good top heel for the blue brand when the brand extension happens next month. Others like Kevin Owens are still good enough to be considered a top heel, but with such little time with Styles, the company wants to get as much out of him as possible. The Cena/Styles rivalry is one that the world has been wanting to see for years now.

The fact that is now happening is huge, and it could get even bigger. It is being rumored that two World Titles will be upcoming. With Reigns most likely remaining WWE World Heavyweight Champion after MITB, that leaves the company a bit stuck, as they want him to be on RAW but they need a World Title to be defended on both programs. That said, the solution that is rumored is that two World Champions will be established.

Cageside Seats reports that due to the possible need for another World Title for SmackDown, WWE would have John Cena and AJ Styles face off for the new championship. This will most likely end up happening at the WWE SummerSlam PPV, but WWE could always pull it off at WWE Battleground instead, as it is two weeks after the WWE Draft is supposed to take place. It truly all depends on how WWE decides to work the World Title at the end of the day.

Cena returns to RAW
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If WWE does go with AJ/Cena for the new World Championship, we very well could see them go after it as a rubber match. They could each get a win at the next two PPVs, which would result in an ultimate third match to decide who is truly best. With WWE teasing the 16th World Title for Cena many times now, it would make sense for them to do it at SummerSlam, a major event for the company.

That doesn’t mean AJ Styles is out of the running for the World Title himself, as he very well could win it instead of John Cena and the company could have Cena win it at WrestleMania 33 instead. Winning the 16th there would be a huge deal for the company, however SummerSlam is not a bad place to win it either. If the WWE stays with one World Title, the plan has been for Cena to get a shot at the WWE World Title anyway. So regardless of what occurs with the World Title or Titles, Cena will most likely get a title shot at SummerSlam.

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