Ben Affleck’s ‘Batman’ Solo Film Won’t Use Comic Book Story [Video]

Ben Affleck will be directing and reprising his role as Batman in the new standalone solo film from the DC Cinematic Universe, which will also mark his first time directing a major superhero movie from a comic book franchise.

But what is most interesting for this solo film is that Ben Affleck has pledged to make the story more of an original or one that does not have firm roots in the comic books that came before the film, according to an interview he did with Cines Argentinos.

That does not mean that Batman will not have storylines or arcs that are not present in the comic books, but rather the story as a whole will not be one that is unique to the comics, it will be unique to the DC Cinematic Universe.

This is not the first time that this has been done with the Batman franchise. In Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman, he also used that formula as a way to move forward with the movie. Although the film itself was critically panned by reviewers of the movie, it was still a commercial success and officially kicked off the DC Cinematic Universe, with the exception of Man of Steel, which did not start off with the Universe in mind.

Ben Affleck played the role of Batman in the film and even though many die-hard fans of DC Comics did not like the casting news in the beginning, Affleck pulled off a surprisingly good performance in the film.

If there is one thing that Ben Affleck is best known for, that is making truly great movies and getting them noticed on the Oscars circuit on many different occasions. The last film he directed was Argo in 2012, and it won the Academy Award for Best Picture. He has also shared an award with good friend Matt Damon, a both won an Oscar for Best Screenplay back in the ’90s for Good Will Hunting.

There definitely are no doubts that Ben Affleck can pull off something great with a solo Batman film. The material has already got a global cult following that will show up for anything that features the Dark Knight. But with Ben Affleck putting his unique touch on the film in the director’s chair, then there is good reason to believe that the film itself is poised for a great response from critics and audiences alike.

What Ben Affleck described as his possible vision for the Batman standalone film is to make it a unique story that fans might be familiar with, but not a story that the fans know. There is the potential for spoilers if a comic book story were to make it into the film, and Ben Affleck talked about the film as being unique to itself, but still well rooted within the Batman legacy.

“Like Zack Snyder did with this film (Batman v Superman), borrow certain things from the great comic books, but create an original story around it,” Ben Affleck said.

What Ben Affleck is attempting to do with the Batman film is not uncommon within the comic book movie universe. Even though fans come to see the movies because they have been driven to the characters through the comic book source material, they still want to see their favorite heroes do something different, or something original that is going to surprise and entertain them.

It might also be a soothing relief that it is Ben Affleck behind the camera in the Batman standalone film, considering he has had such a unique vision for original storytelling in the past.

But either way, Ben Affleck will be both directing and starring in the title role of Batman, which may not hit theaters until 2018.

[Image via Warner Bros.]