Was ‘Southern Charm’ Landon Clements Ex-Husband Married To Stacey Dash, Too?

In the six degrees of separation world of entertainment and reality television, sometimes it seems like everyone knows everyone else, but it’s still a surprise when fans find out that two second tier celebs were married to the same person, in this case, British businessman James Maby. Stacey Dash, primarily known for her role in the movie Clueless, and most recently, her unpopular views on a whole host of things, including being against the #OscarssoWhite movement, was married to Maby, as was Landon Clements, the constantly nervously giggling brunette from the Bravo show Southern Charm.

According to the Inquisitr, Landon Clements is a second season add-on for the Bravo show Southern Charm, which shows the mid-thirties southerner returning home from California after getting divorced from James Maby, as she says she was unhappy. Since joining Southern Charm, Landon has been linked in the press to Thomas Ravenel, and now Shep Rose, who she recently confessed she has a crush on. Landon, who seemed meek and a bit bland in her first season, has developed into a mean girl in the current season, attempting her own kind of behind-the-scenes social engineering.

Now, the first wife of James Maby, Stacey Dash, is reinventing herself as a conservative pundit who thinks Black History Month needs to go, according to Hollywood Life. Lately, Dash has come out in support of Donald Trump. Together with Maby, they have one child.

“There shouldn’t be a Black History Month. You know? We’re Americans. Period. That’s it.”

James Maby was Stacey Dash’s second husband of three, and together they have a daughter, Lola. Dash has also shared thoughts on the divorce rate in this country, which is again odd because she has been divorced three times.

“I think that’s why divorce rates are so high, Women don’t know how to take care of their men anymore.”

Even more unpopular, Dash believes that we need to get rid of channels like BET, or any other channels that are aimed to a particular race or people.

Bustle says that in her bio for Bravo when she joined the cast of Southern Charm, Landon referred to her ex-husband, James Maby, as a “James Bond Brit.” Landon met James Maby when she was in her 20s, and the couple was together for seven years, living together in southern California.

James Maby is the CEO of a sports venue signage company since 2001, and his bio claims that he works for companies dealing with rugby, cricket, FIFA, and the World Cup. But like Landon, James Maby was also on a reality show back in England. The show was called Lost, where two participants are dumped in the middle of nowhere with little rations and money. It might have been rough, but it sounds easier than a season on Southern Charm.

Ok, Here’s the Situation shared James Maby’s name when Landon chose not to share it when joining Southern Charm. Landon and James Maby reportedly met in Telluride, Colorado, after Maby and Dash had divorced. After they married (in Charleston), Landon became the stepmother of Maby’s daughter, Lola, now 12.

On the British reality show Lost, which is said to be a hybrid of Survivor and the Amazing Race, Maby’s team won, in part, due to his charm and charisma. Maby reportedly speaks four languages, and still lives in Los Angeles, where he is currently dating. There is no word on what ended the short-lived marriage of Maby and Dash (they were married for a year), but Landon claims that in her marriage to Maby, she was lonely because he was often away.

Landon also claims that she didn’t walk away with much after her divorce from Maby, and as a result, turned up on Southern Charm, living on a boat, and trying to find herself and her career path. It seems that the bulk of the money they had as a couple came from the Maby family estate and trust.

Do you think it’s odd that James Maby was married to both Stacey Dash and Southern Charm’s Landon Clements?

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