‘Bachelor’ Star Ben Higgins May Go From Roses To Republican Political Run

Ben Higgins’ first post-Bachelor project is not what fans expected. While Higgins didn’t sign on to Dancing With the Stars or write a tell-all book like many fellow Bachelor alums have done, the 28-year-old North Denver resident is seriously considering a run on the Republican ticket for the House District 4 seat held by House Speaker Dan Pabon, according to the Colorado Statesman.

Ben Higgins reportedly met with GOP power brokers in the district last week, and he was accompanied by political consultant Dustin Olson. The general consensus is that Higgins would make a strong candidate for the seat.

Willie Pinkston, a business consultant and the current Republican candidate for the heavily Democratic seat, plans to step aside and let the HD 4 vacancy committee nominate Higgins to challenge Pabon, who was arrested for drunk driving on St. Patrick’s Day.

“I am very impressed with Ben,” Pinkston wrote in an email obtained by the Statesman. “Super great guy. I think he would be a very strong HD4 candidate and will support him.”

“We have to continue to keep this a secret because it’s not official yet and Dustin wants to make sure the press doesn’t catch wind of anything,” Pinkston added.

But Ben Higgins now seems ready to talk politics. Not only has he launched a website to let potential supporters know about his decision to run, but the former Bachelor star confirmed to the Colorado Independent that he is seriously considering the run for state legislature.

Pinkston, who has a business to run and a baby on the way, also confirmed that he will drop out of the race to make way for Ben Higgins.

“I definitely plan on stepping aside,” Pinkston said when asked what he’d do if Higgins decides to get in the race. “I’d be happy to.”

Pinkston called Higgins “likely the only other Republican who can win” in the Democrat-heavy urban Denver district, adding, “He’s got name recognition … we’d love to support him since he wants to run and is capable.”

While Ben Higgins said in a statement that he is “definitely not a politician,” he explained that he feels he has plenty to offer due to his many years in the financial services industry and work he has done with charities and organizations like Humanity and Hope United Foundation and the Baker Youth Club, which was featured on one of his dates with Lauren Bushnell on The Bachelor.

“Whatever lies ahead, love, grace, and hope are ideals that guide my life. I will take them with me into my next adventure,” Ben said. “Lauren and I aren’t sure yet what that will be, but in terms of representing House District 4, Willie Pinkston is an amazing person and any decision I make regarding entering the race will be based on what is best for Willie, his family and for Lauren and me.”

Ben Higgins has already been receiving guidance on state-level politics and policy from local heavy hitters. Independence Institute’s Jon Caldara even joked about advising Higgins.

“The bargain is that if I help him with policy, he helps me with dating advice,” Caldara said.

Attorney Dan Pabon is seeking his fourth term representing HD 4, and for his past two bids he has won reelection by huge margins. But Pabon’s recent DUI arrest could change all that, especially when he’s up against a popular ABC reality star like Ben Higgins.

Ben Higgins proposed to Lauren Bushnell on the finale of the most recent season of The Bachelor earlier this year, but he was criticized for also telling his runner-up, JoJo Fletcher, that he was in love with her as well. Don’t feel too bad for JoJo, though—she landed the coveted spot as the current Bachelorette, so she’ll do the heart-breaking now.

As for Higgins, Colorado voters will likely see him on the ballot soon, and if he takes ABC up on their offer to foot the bill for his wedding to Bushnell, that event could play out on TV in the future.

Take a look at the video below for more on Ben Higgins.


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