Man caught on video stealing security camera that’s taping him

Well, the headline pretty much says it all. A guy from Albuquerque, New Mexico has been arrested for the theft of 2 security cameras, and while committing the crime, the camera was taping him.

Jeremiah Romero and a female accomplice were hanging around a community center in Albuquerque, casing the place for electronic equipment. The security camera was filming them and while the woman was on the lookout, the camera footage started shaking violently, then went black.

Later that day, the pair returned to the scene and took the second camera, but not before it captured a perfect closeup of Romero’s face. At one point in the tape, a crowbar can be seen in his hand.

An employee at the community center viewed the video of Romero and saw him at another business later that night. The police were called and Jeremiah Romero was arrested. The female accomplice has not yet been found.