North Korea Endorses Donald Trump, Calling Him 'Wise Politician,' While Stephen King And 600-Plus Writers Petition Against Trump

Susan Macdonald

North Korea has endorsed Donald Trump, the reality TV star-turned-presidential candidate. North Korea, officially known as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), permitted an article to be published in DPRK Today, a state-run newspaper. The article, by Han Yong Muk, praised Trump.

"It turns out that Trump is not the rough-talking, screwy, ignorant candidate they say he is, but is actually a wise politician and a prescient presidential candidate."

DPRK Today claimed the United States was "living every minute and second on pins and needles in fear of a nuclear strike" by North Korea. According to the Daily Times, the article referred to Democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton as "thick-headed Hillary" and criticized her for wanting "to apply the Iran model of wide sanctions to resolve the nuclear weapons issue on the Korean peninsula."

Trump told CNN that Japan and South Korea should protect themselves from North Korea rather than relying on American support.

"We are better off frankly if South Korea is going to start protecting itself... they have to protect themselves or they have to pay us."

Trump has said that if elected, he would be willing to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and remove American troops from South Korea.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called Donald Trump "very talented." Trump has called Putin "a powerful leader."

The Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) endorsed Trump's candidacy last month.

While Donald Trump is picking up endorsements from dictators like Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin and from hate groups like the KKK, horror writer Stephen King has become the public face of a group of writers petitioning the public not to vote for Trump. Stephen King, Amy Tan, Junot Diaz, and over 600 other writers have signed an open letter to the American public, urging voters not to vote for Trump. The letter was written by Andrew Altschul and Mark Slouka.

The letter accuses Donald Trump of being inexperienced, inflexible, unknowledgeable, lacking historical awareness, and being a demagogue.

"The rise of a political candidate who deliberately appeals to the basest and most violent elements in society, who encourages aggression among his followers, shouts down opponents, intimidates dissenters, and denigrates women and minorities, demands, from each of us, an immediate and forceful response."

The Inquisitr reported that British physicist Stephen Hawking also called Donald Trump a demagogue and confessed he was unable to understand his appeal to American voters. Dr. Hawking is not the only Briton to complain about Donald Trump. Prime Minister David Cameron called Trump "stupid" but refused to sign a petition with over a million signatures banning him from Great Britain. The newly elected Muslim mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, referred to Trump's "ignorant view" of modern Muslims in particular and diversity in general.

Former President George H.W. Bush and his son, former President George W. Bush, have refused to endorse Trump.

Some Americans think Donald Trump can "make America great again," believing he's a straight-talking businessman who doesn't worry about political correctness and will cut through the red tape to get things done. On the other hand, some Americans think he's a hot-headed, thin-skinned, bigot of dubious moral character. The mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, criticized Trump. The Los Angeles Times quoted Mayor Garcetti's opinion of Trump.

"He's a racist. He's a bigot. He's sexist."

Kim Jong-un of North Korea and Vladimir Putin of Russia endorse Donald Trump. The KKK concurs with them. Stephen King, Amy Tan, Stephen Hawking, George Bush, and George W. Bush are opposed to Donald Trump being elected to the White House.

The election is November 8. Will you vote for Donald Trump?

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