Is Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson The Answer To 'NeverTrump' And 'NeverHillary'?

Coburn Palmer

With the U.S. electorate polarized like never before and the "NeverHillary" and "NeverTrump" campaigns kicking into high gear, third-party Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson may be the answer America is looking for.

Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico, who secured the Libertarian nomination this weekend, is already polling at 10 percent against both Hillary and Trump and is being backed by at least one super PAC, reports the Washington Post.

"This is a national ticket. We can offer something meaningful and realistic to the country."

A group of anti-Trump Republicans recently got together to discuss plans to run a third-party candidate in hopes of denying the White House to both the Republican presumptive nominee and Hillary Clinton.

Their hope was to run a candidate who could win just enough support to stop anyone from earning the 270 electoral votes needed to become president, thereby forcing the decision onto the House of Representatives, as outlined in the constitution.

A Gary Johnson Libertarian candidacy could do just that.

Ralph Nader proved that a low-polling candidate could have a huge effect on the general election when he stole sorely needed votes in crucial areas from Democratic candidate Al Gore in 2000, reports the Chicago Tribune.

"Sanders supporters averse to supporting Clinton might give the libertarians a look. For now."

"She's not going to change anything because she's part of the people in power. She's not part of us. It's as simple as that."

The two parties have a lot in common such as a fierce devotion to free markets, an opposition to tax increases, and hatred of big government.

"I think he's a fringe candidate, you want to know the truth. I look at him and I watch him and I watch his motions and I watch what he says. I think that he is a fringe candidate."
"I believe a real majority of American voters are going to be left without a political home in November. To those millions of voters, a successful two-term Governor with a solid record of fiscal responsibility and defense of civil and personal liberties could well be the mainstream option."

(AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File)