Russia Disengaging From Syria, Warships Recalled

Syrian ally Russia is demanding a probe into what it calls “barbaric violence” that has rocked Damascus lately. Additionally, Russian war ships have departed from the Mediterranean and Baltic Seas and returned to port in Russia according to Israeli intelligence site Debka.

In response to hundreds of reported deaths in and around Damascus over the weekend, Russia has demanded an impartial investigation into the violence. Reports are int hat Russia also feels that a conflict with the West in imminent for the Bashar Assad regime and that Russia has no interest in getting involved to save their ally.

The evacuation of Russian warships and personnel was reportedly ordered directly from Russian President Vladimir Putin, who overrode his army generals and said it was time to leave. The generals reportedly believe that it is a sign of Russian weakness to back down from a fight.

Russian chief of staff Gen. Nikolai Makarov denied anything had changed in the military situation in the Middle East but that is considered a face saving exercise.

Makarov said:

“I think it’s too early to draw conclusions [from the situation in Syria]. No one is running away from there.”

Supposedly Russia has taken three significant steps towards a disengagement militarily with the country according to Debka.

1. They cancelled a large-scale naval exercise dubbed “Caucasus 2012”. This was meant to display Russian military strength in the Mediterranean.

2. Warships from three fleets, the Northern, Baltic and Black Sea, have all returned to base in Russia.

3. Syrian President Bashar Assad was informed that Russia would be putting an end to all military aid.