Stephen Hawking Slams Donald Trump, Calls Him A 'Demagogue'

Laura Meltzer

Stephen Hawking slammed Donald Trump and admitted to being perplexed by the billionaire's presidential popularity.

Hawking also used this televised opportunity to urge British citizens not to vote for parting from the European Union come June 23, according to MSNBC.

After Stephen Hawking slammed Donald Trump in his television interview, the scientist explained how departing from the European Union could be detrimental to the survival of Britain. Hawking said that "gone are the days when" the United Kingdom could "stand" on its "own, against the world."

"We need to be part of a larger group of nations, both for our security and our trade. The possibility of our leaving the EU has already led to a sharp fall in the pound, because the markets judge that it will damage our economy."

Stephen Hawking being verbal about serious matters isn't necessarily a new phenomenon. Hawking has been known to be very outspoken and fervent on his opinions regarding disability advocacy in the Great Britain, middle eastern politics, and of course, science.

Previously, Stephen Hawking had joined an academic boycott of Israel in response to the country's treatment of Palestinians, according to the Guardian. In terms of policies regarding Britain's terminally ill, Hawking has thrown his support behind the use of assisted suicide. As for science, he recently assisted with a $100 million project, which would allow a small spaceship to accelerate at a fifth of the speed of light. The ship would be sent to the nearest star system, reported the Guardian.

Stephen Hawking's dissent with Donald Trump's ideas isn't the only criticism the Republican has received from Britain's political and public figures. While on the campaign trail, Trump exclaimed that Britain has a "massive Muslim problem." In response to such a statement, the Republican frontrunner received backlash from the United Kingdom. British Prime Minister David Cameron and London's Mayor Sadiq Khan have made their disdain for Trump clear. In December of 2015, Cameron called Trump "stupid" for his "divisive" statements about British and American Muslims, according to the Daily Mail.

Many sympathize with Stephen Hawking when it comes to this topic. After the Republican frontrunner insulted Muslims from the United Kingdom, a petition was started by the country's citizens to ban Trump from being able to enter Britain. Still, Cameron refused to sign the petition, which had gained over more than a million signatures. The Prime Minister said that though he wouldn't sign the petition, if Trump were to visit the United Kingdom, the country could still "unite against him."

Do you agree with Stephen Hawking's opinions of the presumptive republican presidential nominee?

[Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Breakthrough Prize Foundation]