RNC Attendee Throws Nuts At Black CNN Crew Member: ‘This Is How We Feed Animals’

Late last night, a disturbing bit of news began to circulate the social media sphere wherein a black CNN correspondent was witnessed to be on the receiving end of a racist outburst by an attendee of the convention.

According to reports, the CNN employee who has not been named is a crew member for the network. And at some point during the first day of the convention, an attendee began throwing nuts at the woman openly, saying: “This is how we feed animals.”

This is how we feed animals. Lest anyone charge the incident is hearsay or rumor, sources at CNN have confirmed there was one, saying only:

CNN can confirm there was an incident directed at an employee inside the Tampa Bay Times Forum earlier this afternoon. CNN worked with convention officials to address this matter and will have no further comment.”

It was late at night when the shocking incident came to light, and the accounts are being put through the media paces as we speak. The GOP attendee has not been pinpointed, but one can only imagine the CNN employee is being pressured to step forward and tell her side of the story.

The Washington Post confirmed with the network that police would not be involved, and the paper explains that CNN is faced with some tough choices about balancing a workplace incident with a politically newsworthy event:

“It is, however, a matter for CNN. It knows all the details of this event. How will the network balance a workplace issue — someone on the job enduring an insulting outburst — with a matter of public interest?”

The site continues:

“Resolving that conflict must start with the preferences of the crew person. But the presumption should fall in favor of doing the story in all of its detail, regardless of whether the details are more or less damaging than what’s been reported.”

The racist outburst at the GOP convention certainly provokes pause, but, given the racial undertones of the election, can we pretend to be surprised when black folks are treated poorly at the RNC?