‘The 100’ Season 4: Sky Crew To Save The World? Or Just Survive The Nuclear Disaster? [Spoilers]

The 100 Season 4 does not have a premiere date yet. However, it has been reported that the post-apocalyptic series won’t return to The CW until 2017. So, what can fans expect from the Sky Crew when the show does resume? For one, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and the others will have to save the world, but what if they can’t? What if the Sky Crew can only try to survive the upcoming catastrophe?

Warning: The 100 Season 4 spoilers are ahead.

On the last episode of The 100, Alie (Erica Cerra) told Clarke that a nuclear disaster would hit Earth in six months. Some fans were not sure if the artificial intelligence should be believed. Was she telling the truth, or was Alie lying?

According to a photo posted on Instagram by the writers of The 100, saving the world is the storyline in Season 4. Four days into their creative endeavor, and the writers are admitting that saving the world is easier said than done.


There are a lot of different ways The 100 Season 4 could go in regards to a nuclear disaster storyline. For one, Clarke and the Sky Crew could discover after months of trying that Alie was not telling the truth. Even though Alie was programmed, look at all of her deception last season. She was willing to do or say anything to complete her “program,” including having human beings tortured and killed.

However, if Alie was being honest, then for once Clarke shouldn’t be the heroine. Instead, it should be Raven (Lindsey Morgan), who deserves a great storylin after all she has been through. She is the most intelligent and tech-savvy member of the group. If anyone can figure out a way to stop or divert the power plant crisis, then it is Raven Reyes.

Another possible ending to The 100 Season 4 may include simply surviving the nuclear disaster. One century before the Sky Crew returned to Earth, some humans managed to live through the end of the world. A few went into Mount Weather, and others were left outside. Those that didn’t perish had offspring, whom we now know as the Grounders. As Hypable noted, Mount Weather may be the only safe place, but what if there isn’t room for everyone? How is the decision made regarding whom to let in and whom to keep out? What kind of war will brew as a result?

Besides the power plant crisis, what else is known about Season 4 of The 100? In an interview, Isaiah Washington spoke about his character, Jaha. What can fans expect from the character who led Alie’s mission? Washington reminded fans that in Season 1, Jaha was committed to delivering his people, no matter what the circumstances. However, the actor also pondered what drove Jaha to deliver the Sky Crew.

“His heart is in the right place, we just have to really figure out where his soul and mind is,” Washington told IGN about Jaha in The 100. The actor added, “What could he possibly do to get a following now?”

As for the Season 4 threat, is Alie’s statement true? Washington wouldn’t say for sure, but did give a little tidbit.

“Whatever that threat is,” Isaiah teased, “I bet you can count on Jaha leading [others] on his particular path to keep the human race safe.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Marie Avgeropoulos recently teased more changes for Octavia. The actress said that Octavia didn’t suddenly decide to kill Pike (Michael Beach) on The 100 Season 3 finale. It was something she thought about, but in the end, Octavia couldn’t help but end his life. That choice will not only affect her, but the rest of the Sky Crew and how they survive in Season 4.

As fans recall, Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) was executed by Pike and Octavia holds her own brother, Bellamy (Bob Morley) responsible. Also, due to the situation with Alie, there was no time for Octavia to grieve. As for what fans can expect from Avgeropoulos’ character in Season 4, she will continue to evolve. However, she will go down a dark path.

“Next season, you’re going to see Octavia take an even darker turn into the depths of her despair,” Marie hinted to IGN regarding Octavia in Season 4, “and she makes some interesting choices then, too.”

What do you think is going to happen in Season 4 of The 100? How will the Sky Crew save the world from a nuclear disaster?

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