Nick Jonas, Olivia Culpo, Danny Amendola: Rainy With A Chance Of Love Triangle

Plutarc Sicat

Nick Jonas is still being played by Cupid well into 2016 unless the beautiful and very intelligent Ms. Selena Gomez intervenes. Indeed, Jonas may need some sort of divine intervention soon, as Olivia Culpo seems to have moved on, according to ET. Poor, poor Nick, what has he done to deserve this? Here's ET's dish on the latest developments in what seems to be a quickly-forming Nick Jonas-Olivia Culpo-Danny Amendola love triangle.

"It seems like Olivia Culpo has moved on from Nick Jonas and found herself a new man: New England Patriots star Danny Amendola. The former Miss Universe took to her Instagram page on Sunday to share a sweet video of Amendola dipping her while the pair stared sweetly into each other's eyes. Culpo captioned the clip, VEGAS BABY."
"You're amazing, you're all the things I hope to find with somebody, but timing, circumstances, all these things play into it not being right. Champagne is amazing; it tastes delicious but gives you a really bad hangover. That's the idea. …"
"It seems like he is harboring resentment over their split or, at the very least, can't shake Culpo from his mind. They're both still young and there's time for them to reconnect if it's in the stars for them to do so. And they were too cute together — so let's hope it happens for them."

"The seemingly new couple have been rumored to be dating since Culpo posted an Instagram in February, showing the 24-year-old beauty pageant star rocking head-to-toe Pats gear."

Again, all of these social networking samples presuppose that Nick Jonas follows Olivia Culpo on Instagram. If Jonas doesn't, then the hunk will soon get the shock of his life when he finds out that an alpha male and New England Patriot has been romancing Olivia. Thus, the situation could turn ugly.

However, it's not going to be exactly a Copacabana bar fight scene either, since hunky Nick Jonas is in the clear, having already broken off with Miss Olivia Culpo. The worst case scenario is a massive depression on the part of Jonas, assuming as the sources say, that the "Chains" singer has not fully recovered from his breakup with Olivia.

"Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez would make the perfect couple! Yes, we know they already dated once, but they should give their romance another chance. He even raved about her in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly."