Muhammad Ali’s Childhood Home Up For Sale In Louisville, May Become Museum

Muhammad Ali’s childhood home in Louisville is up for sale, and anyone willing to shell out a bit of cash can own a piece of boxing history.

The home’s owner, Steve Stephenson, said he’s only asking $50,000 for the small white house with the sagging front porch overhang, The Associated Press reported. In front of the home is a “For Sale By Owner” sign, but Stephenson didn’t provide any more details of the sale.

Despite the low price, Stephenson is actually pricing the Muhammad Ali home above its market. The Jefferson County Property Value Administrator’s office assessed the home at $23,260. It sits on a quiet street with modest, neat homes.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said the city wants to preserve the home of its local hero.

”Anything we can do to preserve and expand his legacy, we want to do that,” Fischer said. ”His home serves as an inspiration for people to look at that and say, ”If this young guy, why not me?”

The Muhammad Ali home may not be on the market long, WDRB News reported. There is reportedly already one potential buyer — the Ali Center.

“As a matter of fact, we’ve had a board member or two express an interest in purchasing the home on behalf of the center and donating it back to the Center. And that would be a fantastic thing.”


But Center officials would not say the potential buyer is the negotiation phase.

“Well, I can’t say where the process is now,” said the Center’s President and CEO, Donald Lassere. “It’s just starting. As you know, it has just become public knowledge that the house is on the market, so these conversations are very much in the preliminary stage right now.”

“I think it would mean phenomenal things for the Center. Again, we would be able to preserve the home and preserve the fact that Muhammad Ali started his journey to greatness in the city of Louisville.”

There is a historical state marker in front of Muhammad Ali’s home noting that he lived there as a child, when he was still known as Cassius Clay. It notes that Ali lived there with his parents and brother and attended a local public school. Neighbors said since the sign went up in May the Muhammad Ali home has been a popular tourist attraction.