Deaf School Allegedly Pushing Preschooler To Change His Name Sign Because It Looks To Much Like A Gun Symbol [Video]

A deaf preschooler from Nebraska is allegedly being asked to change the sign for his name because staffers at the Grand Island School District reportedly feel is resembles “weapons.” The Nebraska deaf school has a policy against bringing “any instrument” which resembles any type of weapon into the school. Apparently the deaf preschooler’s hands are being construed as “instruments.”

Hunter Spanjer’s name sign is a symbol which is included as a registered sign through the Signing Exact English (SEE) organizations. To make his name sign, the three-year-old deaf preschooler crosses his middle and index fingers, leaving his thumbs in an upright position and then wags his hands, according to The Blaze.

The Grand Island school is reportedly claiming the Hunter Spanjer name sign fiasco is simply a “misunderstanding,” but the educators still want the deaf preschooler to change his name sign. Grand Island school representative Jack Sheard stated during an interview with the New York Daily News that the name sign drama has nothing to do with either weapons or guns, but he still considers the hand gesture “not an appropriate thing to do in school.”

“We want to do what is best for every student in our district and we care more about that than everything else. We are working with the parents to find the best solution we can,” Sheard stated during the New York Daily News interview.


The school reportedly wants the deaf preschooler to spell his name out letter by letter, a long-hand sign language identification process other students will not necessarily be forced to do when communicating their name at school.

Do you think that Hunter Spanjer should be forced to change his name sign?