‘Supernatural’ Fate Hangs In The Balance With New Showrunners

Supernatural left off with a Season 11 cliffhanger as compelling as many past season finales with fans wondering if Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) is alive or dead, but changes behind the scenes may provide even more compelling twists for Supernatural fans. The end of the season brought with it the loss of Supernatural‘s current showrunners, but fans need not worry. Supernatural has always been about family, and much like the loyalty of blood seen in the series, Supernatural is turning to its own to replace the recent losses.

Like True Hunters, Supernatural Marches On In Spite Of Its Losses

When season 12 of Supernatural picks up, it will be with new showrunners and that will naturally give the series a new direction, but this won’t be the first time Supernatural has had a change of direction or a change of leadership. While some Supernatural fans may not be aware of this, the Supernatural creator and first showrunner, Eric Kripke, left after just five seasons. Picking up the baton, Supernatural writer Sera Gamble took over as showrunner, but only lasted through Season 7 of the series before stepping down as the Supernatural head of the family.

Next up, Jeremy Carver stepped in as showrunner and lead Supernatural up until the end of this season. While Carver has left an opening for a new showrunner, it seems that the producers are promoting from within, proving what Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles have always said at conventions, quoting the series character Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver), “Family don’t end with blood.”

Replacing Carver as showrunner will be Andrew Dabb, who has been writing for Supernatural since the show’s fourth season. Supernatural director Robert Singer, who has also worked on such projects as 1984’s V miniseries and Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman(1993), will also step up to assist as co-showrunner. Mr. Singer has been with Supernatural since its 2005 freshman year, serving as both an executive producer and a consultant.

What’s Next For The Winchester Brothers?

While it might not seem that Supernatural set up the next big bad villain for Season 12, as the series so often does with its season finales, a closer inspection of a few key points of that last installment of Supernatural may provide some clues. It is true that Supernatural hasn’t introduced a seemingly invincible villain for Season 12, but it looks more like a confluence of events may keep the Winchesters busy, when they’re not battling the monster of the week.

Topping the list, of course, is determining the fate of Sam Winchester, who may or may not have been done in by the London chapter of the Men of Letters, via their messenger girl. Even if Sam was eliminated, that still leaves Dean to deal with the suddenly overbearing British Men of Letters. What makes the question of Sam’s fate that much more puzzling is the way Billie (Lisa Berry) just happened to show up in Supernatural‘s last episode. Rippers don’t just pop in to save the day. Ask Dean.

Speaking of reapers, the world is still waiting for a replacement, following the way the Winchesters eliminated Death. Someone has to ensure the natural order. Might that be a good job for Crowley (Mark Sheppard), considering how badly he’s fallen out of favor with nearly every demon in Hell?

Finally, there’s the return of Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith). On the surface, this seems like a good thing, but since when has everything gone according to plan on Supernatural? At the very least, Mary will certainly cramp her boys’ style and Supernatural fans can certainly expect her to interfere with the boys’ hunting duties. Taking things a step further, the fact that Mary was brought back by Amara (A.K.A. The Darkness) should give all of the Supernatural fandom a reason to take pause. There are always consequences and this can be no different. Supernatural may return with a soulless Mary Winchester, or possibly a Mary Winchester possessed by something unthinkable.

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